Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Gussets? Done. Socks? No.

Sunday's NYTimes crossword puzzle 95% done though! (one corner and 6 words elude me!)
The gussets (and a bit) are done—but Octobers socks lingers into November.

It's at the easy part now—with plain stocking knit on half the stitches, (and the rib pattern only continuing on the instep) each round is faster and easier to knit. I just have to do it! It's not like I don't like these socks—I do, I do! But—there have been distractions—

Like light bulbs! I moved into my apartment almost 10 years ago—and most of my every day lighting (I have some specialty/mood lighting) is CFB—which have about a 10 year life—and this month—a whole bunch failed! So it's move some furniture to get to the wall sconces, and trek out to Ikea to get some 10 watt halogen bulbs for the under counter light fixtures, and finding the step ladder for the ceiling fixture. I also made a bunch of labels for all the cords—It's one of those obsessive things I like to do—(label each cord)—so if I want to move something—I can easily find the cord/plug I want.

None of these are really big tasks—but each takes a bit of time and effort.. And each has side effects--

To get to the wall sconce I needed to move the end table.. and while I was at it, I changed the table cloth, and really washed (as apposed to just wiping it clean) the glass top. And there where the dust bunny's that eluded the vacuum, and the odd thing or two that had rolled into a corner and been left behind. And I gave the floor a good wash, too,--cleaning up the grime that circled the table legs.

I needed the step stool too, to reach the bulb and fixture (so much dust had collected in the half bowl of the wall sconces!) and now that I was close to the ceiling, I could see all those cob webs up in the corner...So out came the duster with the long wand.

So-- changing the bulb is a bit more than simple screwing out one bulb and in another. And while I have changed now, 3 different bulbs, in the living room (and 4 more in the kitchen) I know that 3 more are going to fail soon--(since they were all put in at the same time 10 years ago) and all this will be be going on for the next few months!

I treated myself to 2 Ott type (ie pure white) CFB for the sconces—which provide the general lighting—the pure white light is so much nicer. I have a pure white (one of my few incandescent bulbs) in one table light for task lighting –most of the other general lighting (and about half of the mood lighting) are CFB—but I do have some low voltage (12Volts/3 10 watt halogen) fixtures, for general lighting, too. I even have a few super flat LED accent lights (that gently spot light works of art)--A real mix of light types—but all low voltage/low wattage. The Ott type (but not Ott brand) white light CFB's are twice the price of the general purpose CFB's—but worth it—at least in a few key fixtures.

I know someone who always has the TV on (as background noise)--it makes him feel less alone—for me it's having a light on—I hate to come home to a dark house. I love the 7 watt (night light wattage) CFB—they give off about the same lumins as a 60 bulb—enough light to be bright and cheery. Not always the warmest most pleasant light—but still welcoming—all for pennies.

Electricity is bought by the kilowatt (1000 watts) A 8 watt bulb is 5kw a month—vs 42 for a 60 watt bulb. Here in NYC, a KW cost a bit over 20 cents--(yes! One of the highest rates in the nation!) or $1 a month vs. $8! (those numbers are based on 24 hours of usage—something I tend to avoid!--but I do leave a single light on all day and night.)

CFB are a real savings. The bulbs seem expensive--but they last only cost twice as much as incandescants--but last 10 times longer. (Of course the disadvantages is no cleaning the bowl of the wall sconce ever year or so--and instead cleaning out 10 years worth of dust!)

Most of all, it's nice to have bright, white lights as the days get shorter and there is less sun light! CFB—like all fluorescents, tend to dim before they fail. Things have been darker—and now they are brighter. (The black safety netting for the terrace work is no help either—it cuts down on day light significantly!)

Oh and more good news—there is less of me—5lbs (or about 2.2K)less in the past 2 weeks. It's just 10% of what I hope to loose in the next year—and it's unlikely I will keep up this pace (2.5 lb/1 K(apx.) a week—but it's a nice start. There is nothing worse than dieting and not seeing results!

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