Saturday, November 26, 2011

A History in Knitting

I love to knit—it satisfies, to some degree, my need to be creative and productive
I love to knit—its helps me calm down and center my self, instead of wildly spinning out of control
I love to knit—my knitting is a reminder, that: this too, shall pass.

These socks (LOOK, progress has been made while I haven't been blogging about it!) are all three.

I started them earlier this month when some health issues were not going well—and they served, one Monday a few weeks ago, as a tool to keep me from emotionally falling apart--there were cracks at the seams--but in the end, I held together.

And they remain mute evidence to my precarious state of well being.

I had an idea (originally they were going to be a floral lace—but that idea was pushed aside for a simpler pattern of twisted, (each knit stitch is twisted) cabled pairs.

I figured out the grouping of stitches on a scrap of waste paper (actually a bit of light cardboard as found in magazines for subscriptions—exactly that!) and set to work.

The first pattern repeat? Well, its really patternless. I had an idea, but I couldn't think straight—and there really is no design. Just a mismash of some simple cables.

But the act of knitting did its magic and by the time it came to do a second repeat, a real organized pattern emerged—gone were the chaotic, disorganized thoughts, and gone were the chaotic disorganized stitches.

The two repeats since then are just as organized—but a secondary problem(?)--well not so much a problem, but an after effect—the pattern I worked out for the instep works fine—but well I didn't want a full repeat on the back of the sock (because then there would be two sets of lace with out any purl ditches between them at the side (seam)) and there were too many stitches to drop one column of the lace and too few to have 2 sets of the cable element.

Poor Planning on my part!

So the back is plain. Not the best choice—but it's OK. I normally would plan better—but on the day I planned these socks I wasn't thinking well enough to do a better job. And they are not so bad that I would even think to frog them.

No, they will be as they are, patterned on front, plain and back. A bit of history. A knit reminder to myself. The socks could be better—but it doesn't matter that they aren't—I AM.

Now back to the laundry that I have talked about doing for 2 weeks now (early this week the laundry room was closed 2 days for repairs—so the delay is not just procrastination on my part!) There are 4 load washing--1 complete load is nothing but socks! Soon all the load will be drying. Then for next week, 2 more loads of stuff to do (still left in the hamper)! I have this bad habit of wearing clean clothes every day—and using towels and sheets, and Oh how the laundry piles up!


gayle said...

You're just putting the patterning where you can see and enjoy it, that's all. It's too hard to look at the back of your own socks...

zippiknits.....sometimes said...

The socks are gorgeous. Putting the plain part in the back of the leg makes sense for comfort's sake.

And you have a whole load of just SOCKS for the laundry? I do not doubt it for a second. lol

So glad you are feeling so much better. Keep up the good work! Hugs!

The Word Ver is "primate". I think I qualify. lol