Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Knit and Grafted

This was yesterdays post—that never got photos or posted.

But not quite finished (still ends to weave in) and not blocked. But it looks good—and unblocked its 34 inches long—not bad, not bad at all. Blocking will add a few inches—but not to much since I don't plan to hard block it.

Maybe today--(Tuesday)

Yesterday (Monday) was a lost day—I got a lot things done, that needed to be done—but it took hours, (boring, and TMI health stuff)—Fortunately, I had knitting with me. I was able to while away a few of the many hours involved, knitting.

Socks that were nothing more than a cast on and a round are now looking like this—the pattern is going to be problematic—this first repeat is free hand—and I'll have to think about what I did, and when to repeat it.. Or come up with something similar and chart it! (I am not obsessive) –I can have a pattern break and be different –especially if its going to be hidden in the toe of most of my shoes!

I could have even knit more—but I need to rest my hands and take a break—still it's a nice start to a pair of socks!

But knitting is going to take a hit—ever behind the curve when it comes to fiction reading, I just got The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo—and well, this book (and the next two in the series !) are seriously going to cut into my knitting time.

Since yesterday, all I did was add a few (6? maybe, if that) to the socks—I still haven't finished the scarf or blocked it. But I did get photo's taken--and this bit posted!

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