Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A Progress Report

Wifi? Yes
Monitor? Hardware (mounting bracket) Installed, and monitor mounted, but no connections/wiring done.
Woodwork? (drilling hole for wire routing) on today's schedule.
Labeling and re routing wires? Also on today schedule.
Printer? Still in the box.
Paper work cleaned up—in progress. (Filled the shredder bin once already!)
Next 2 loads of wash? Also on today's schedule—The four loads washed and folded on Saturday didn't get all hung up and put away till Monday (with a few left over pieces yesterday)
Knitting? Remember Knitting? The sock is almost complete—just the cuff(s) are needed for completion. (Today!)There should be photo's of the finished socks tomorrow.
Reading? Finished (loved!) Girl with Dragon Tattoo, about to start 2nd book in series, The Girl who played with Fire. (The Girl who Kicked the Hornets Nest is also in my possession, and these two books will cut into my knitting time no doubt.)

As always thing get worse before they get better-Right now desk has two monitors—One (on mounted on a swing arm bracket is swung out of the way (but .. it's still visually taking up space!) and one (the old CRT monitor) is still sitting where it always sat, waiting to become obsolete.

And the cleaned desktop is now in need of cleaning again (saw dust)--but there will be more before I am finished. And there is small but ever growing pile of tools hanging about--the drill (and charger), the box of drill bits, the screw driver (and box of interchangeable bits )--I could use the drill but its just as easy to screw most things in by hand and the set of allen wrenches--(for adjusting the bracket) –Oh, and the label maker, too for labeling the cords.

The final step will be mounting the power strips-- and relocating the phone (it's close, but just inconveniently out of reach!)

There are some other details—moving the calendar, and hanging up magnetic white board—and getting rid of the old printer stand (It served well for a while, but it is (always was) way too big) And maybe, buying of of those neat little charger stations—the kind with 3 or 4 short extension cords –( transformers take up so much space—and block outlets!) and an on/off switch; so I can leave transforms plugged in (convenient) but turned off (and not waste energy).

The new monitor has 2 built in USB ports—so I can get rid of one transformer (the USB expansion box) but the wireless router has added one, and the cordless phone (if moved) will be another, Plus the one for the cell phone, And.... What a world we live in! All this work—and in another year or two, some other pieces (like the computer/cpu—now 2.5 years old) will be obsolete and so much will have to be redone.

I feel like I have spent half my life setting up and then improving (and then setting up again!) desks and work tables for computers--and then upgrading them and having to do more work and re-arranging things. (and come to think of it--it has almost been half my life--I got my first computer in 1982--almost 30 years ago!)

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gayle said...

Labeling cords!?! *facepalm*
Wish I'd thought of that...