Friday, November 11, 2011

Progress—But Nothing Finished.

Almost nothing knit on the scarf--Well actual a number of rows knit—and frogged, and re knit again,and frogged again—with a net gain of just a half a dozen rows!

I was was tired—more tired than I realized (fell asleep before the evening news!) and kept making stupid mistakes--like forgetting to decrease, or knitting the purls or purling the knits!-I should have realized I was too tired to knit!

And while progress was made on the skirt yesterday afternoon, —the bits and pieces had edges bound, the pockets got sewn in (side) and on (back)--and top stitching details were added, the zipper got put in and the waist band started, (but not finished). All in all, a lot of work got done--but it's not quite finished, yet.

Left to sew is the inside waist band, and the hem, plus details like the hook and eye closure for the waist band. Maybe an hours worth of work—that I can easily complete tomorrow and have the skirt ready for Sunday. I think I'll leave it for Saturday sewing.

I have some other projects to sew up tomorrow—little ones—and maybe I'll get another skirt (a smaller sized one!) cut and ready to sew.

I am itching to start my November socks, too. And I need to start on the gloves—in theory they shouldn't take much longer to knit than a pair of socks, but...

For 1, the yarn is finer, (superfine lace weight cashmere) and the gauge will be finer—I knit most of my socks on size 2 needles—but the gloves are going to be knit on size 1's (2.25 vs 2.75mm)

This afternoon I need to do laundry—Again! It's this habit I have—every day I shower and get dressed in fresh clean clothes (well fresh clean underwear and socks—I frequently wear a skirt several times before I feel the need to wash it!) and I use towels, hand towels, and bath towels, and kitchen towels-and sheets, and other miscellaneous stuff ends up in the hamper--(the table cloth from last weeks change the light bulb and a whole bunch of other stuff at the same time!)

Most of the summer clothes have been put away—except for short sleeved T-shirts—I find I wear them all winter—sometimes as an undershirt (for warmth!) sometimes as a top shirt (my apartment can get so hot!)

So that's it.. Simple stuff. Work done, but not really much of anything!

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