Monday, November 28, 2011

Simple is Never Simple

A wireless network—simple really, buy a router, connect to modem, install CD, run set up, set up security, done.

Ok buy router, done.
Connect to modem. Wait. My crappy cable modem provide by cable company? No port to connect wireless modem.

So I could wait a week,and pay $ (a little every month for a rental fee) or go out today and spend $$ (not too much) and own my modem (and it will pay for itself in saved rental fees in less than a year) OK time to buy a modem.

Well let's up grade the monitor— I have a flat screen on, and mounting hardware,just waiting for me to instal it. This will free up space for the new printer (which has a much bigger foot print) So it really has to be done first.

OK, easy enough, I have the power cable and the USB cable for the new (not really new, just new to me) monitor. I can disconnect power cord and monitor cable from old monitor, and get that done.

No I can't! The monitor cable is hard wired into the old monitor, and I went through my bag of goodies—and found –lots of stuff (even a old scusi cable) but a monitor cable? No. So I am 2 for 2 for failing!

Still, I did crawl under the desk, and clean out 2 years worth of dust bunnies in the corners were they hid escaping the swiffer. At the same time, I washed the floor, and cleaned out and got rid of stuff I really just don't need...

So the desk is clearer—and a bunch of paperwork that was on hold has been shredded—Thankfully the shredder is really plug and play! (unlike the modem and monitor!)

Fortunately Staples is near by—and I can pick the cable and cable modem up later today.

I still have to drill a hole in the desk top for the bracket to mount the monitor, and I will (I think) also drill a BIG hole to route the wires more neatly—or if not neat, out of sight!) I have the drill bit even and a plastic cap to plug the hole, and and all the split flex tubing I need. and baggie full of try wraps--everything I need to to do the job-- but it's the last step--not the first one!

So for now, the desk top (and underneath!) is neater and cleaner—but its all the same old stuff.

It's so simple to upgrade—except when it's not!

While I am working at this upgrade, I hope to get my web cam working too. I tried installing it a few months ago--but there was conflict--I could chose between a web cam that worked, or an internet connection that worked. (Guess which one I went with!?)

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