Saturday, November 05, 2011


A bit of lace. And made some progress, too A bit of a hem is a garter stitch chevron, morphing into a diamond (or is it a zig-zag?) lace. Not much progress.. but enough to see the pattern—and since I am working with 2 balls of yarn and 2 halves at once, I've actually made twice the progress! It's about 12 inches wide, (stretched/semi blocked) and so far, just a bit over 3 inches (in each half)

The yarn is super soft and squishy—it's a dream to knit, and the scarf will be a joy to wear. I have no idea how big it will end up being (before blocking or after!) but 300 or so yards is enough to make a decent length. Scarves are pretty flexable when it comes to length! I have no need for another scarf, needless to say—but then again—I have no need for more socks, but I plan to continue knitting them too!

I got some sewing done, too. I finished up a skirt that I started last year (that was too tight in the waist—but now fits!) and got some small projects cut and interfaced, and even got a second skirt cut—another denim one—not one of the 4 colored ones I planned last January. And, in a fit of optimism, I even bought a remnant—a lovely piece of a black linen like cloth--(not real linen, but...) and will be able to add a black skirt to the mix. NY'ers have a reputation for always wearing black—but I only have 3 black skirts (and one is over 20 years old, and faded from a real dark black to a pale imitation of black). So adding an other black skirt isn't really overwhelming.

The denim skirt is going to be semi fitted—but also have an elastic waist--(and a drawstring!) so the it will fit as I lose weight. I am am sort of putting off the other skirts—I don't want to make them them and have them not fit 6 months from now Though, actually I will be very happy if I have to make some clothes because nothing fits 6 months from now!--I just don't want to make a bunch of “fit now” skirts when I am (and really planning to) losing weight.

Well I have a skirt or two that needs some mending—I'll mend and add some new elastic to some stuff, and hold off till next year to make some new stuff.

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