Thursday, November 17, 2011


Dry and unpinned from the blocking board, the Red Diamond's scarf is more like a small shawl than a scarf! I am pleased as punch with FO. It was qick to knit, (I finished long before I was bored), it's as soft as all get out, and now, finished, it's bigger and prettier than I expected.

As for the socks—working well rested, and with no anexity, it's much easier to formulate a pretty, but simple pattern for the twisted pairs of knits and purls. The pattern takes a bit of time—but I think its worth it—see—the are beginning to look quite pretty.

Next time I photograph them, I'll stretch them (or put them on LEGS), so the pattern is easier to see. The yarn is also merino--home dyed to create a hand painted effect--there are at places, (not this part of the skein) more blues in the mix--but all in all I like the look.

OK, that's it—I have done a ton of stuff already this morning, and have a ton more to do—So I am off!

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