Saturday, November 12, 2011

While I am Generally Feeling Better

Every day—I am not quite as recovered as I think. Thursday I was addled, and tired, and yesterday I felt fine—till I took out some garbage—and got chilled to the bone. A hot drink (decaf coffee) didn't help—instead I crawled under a pile of warm blankets, and took a nap.

That did help—no laundry got done--(there are worse things) but after my nap, (and dinner) some knitting did get done—There is just a bit over 6 inches of lacy ribbing now—and just a little bit of yarn left—2 inches worth? 3 inches worth? (I hope so, but I doubt it)--what ever the measure, the end is in sight for this scarf.

2 pieces of lace –each about 14 inches equals 28 inches, plus another 8 (maybe 9?) inches of ribbing at the back of neck—that's 36 inches in total. Not bad—Just about right for an inside the coat/jacket scarf. And it's so pretty, and so soft—and even with the set backs—so fast to knit!

Today is Saturday, so the first order of business will be finishing the skirt (Saturday is for sewing!) but come the evening, I'll be knitting—and will finish the knitting--I might not finish the scarf—I could end up grafting tomorrow at Panera's on Sunday. And even after I finish it (weave in the ends!) I will still have to block it. So it's really still has a good deal of work to be done before is really all done.

Then it's glove (and sock!) time—I think I will work the two projects at the same time. One thing about socks—there are almost never ends to weave in—and they are knit and go—no blocking required not even for this next pair-- which will be lacy.

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