Saturday, December 10, 2011

3 inches Of Knitting, Done

But nothing to show—It was all done on the pattern in progress. I am on a stretch of “work in established pattern” and want to get to the point of change—and take some photo's.

I've been reading a lot, too. Which also cut into knitting time. Another thing is, I am on a medication that has very few side effects—and general mild ones, at that, but one side effect is I feel chilly—it doesn't last. Well maybe an hour or two—but for that hour or two I huddle under sweaters and comfors, and still, my hands and finger are uncomfortable cold. The chills pass as fast as they come on—but by then 2 hours of prime knitting time have passed!

I spend the whole time thinking about the sweaters I could be knitting. The chills are so strange—I have always been the warm—or comfortable when everyone else is cold. I've worn short sleeved cotton t-shirts all winter long—not out, but indoors. And my apartment is usually like an oven—so for me to feel chilled—It's so out of place!

Tomorrow, I am going to be joining others down at the Lion Brand Studio—They are having a Warm Up America Party—a bunch of us are going to be sewing together all the blocks that all of you (you know you are!) have knit and donated to the collection bins all over—Locally, Michaels has been one collection point—but there are other LYS that have participated as well.

Joining blocks can be tedious—but done together—it will be fun. It will be so good to see a pile of squares turn into a finished blanket.

Normally on Sunday, you'll find me a Panera's (my local Panera's in the new Rego Park Mall) but right now? The place is packed. It's too close and convenient to the stores! And, really even before the Christmas shopping season, it was a busy place and often hard to find a seat—Now it is impossible!

My friend D will be joining me—so even the commute (the subway) will be a fun time. Plus—D is a new knitter (well just over a year of knitting now, and on her 2nd pair of socks) and hasn't ever been to the Lion Brand Studios—She's in for a real treat.

I'll bring my camera—and since I haven't had much to show in the way of my knitting, I'll take some photos of others knitting (and of finished blankets)

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zippiknits...sometimes said...

Reading is good. Very good. Sometimes a little time out from knitting is good.

You have solved a puzzle for me. A medicine that makes for freezing bodies, flu like symptoms. Just looked it up. I thought it was because I'd lost weight. Congrats on your weight loss; very inspiring.

Have fun with your friend, and at the blanket fest. I look forward to your pix.

Your new computer set up looks very neat and lovely.