Saturday, December 17, 2011

6 Sock Kits Put Together--

and Oh my!

What a mistake it is to rummage round in the sock yarn stash—The idea come flying out, and so does yarn I've totally forgotten about—

Where did this pair of Knit Pick sock yarn come from? --it lovely—but I have several other skeins in almost the same color.

Why do I have so much PINK?
Oh, look at this green—its hideous. What was I thinking buying it?

And then there was the culling of photo—and organizing them. The theory being I shouldn't back up the blurred ones, or the dull ones. A thousand (well maybe just a hundred but it seemed like a thousand) folders are now condensed into monthly ones (some dating from 2009)—and 3 folders have been culled of unwanted images. Only 20 or so more to go.

And that opens up another can of worms—Look at this yarn! (A skein of woodland rose (colorway) in a worsted weigh yarn.) I found this picture, and I remember buying it.  But--Where did I stash it? It's so pretty—And  what can I do with a single skein?

Well a few more round have been added to sock—not so much as you'd really notice.. But the end is in sight for this first part! Soon (not soon enough, but soon!) I'll be ready to go to work on the foot--(and actually a good 3 inches—and by the time I finish, 4 inches of the sole will have been knit. Not so much of the instep.. but still all this knitting is doing something--its just taking a long time to look like a sock.

A lot of work is getting done—in lots of different places.. Its just there is not much to show for it—anywhere!

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