Thursday, December 08, 2011

As Always, It Took Longer Than Expected

One delay was a mistake on my part (the required me dismantling everything all over again!)--It's what comes of buying parts (with almost no instructions) and missing a key piece of the work.

And—in a bit of planned obsolescence, nothing could be salvaged from my old computer—New plugs, new sizes, new hardware—and the old is scrap.

The second delay (well, it was my fault, too) came as I went to install the half round leaf extension of the desk. I spent an hour looking for a small piece of plastic (a spacer) and finally gave up. I figured I could improvise some sort of spacer. It was really annoying because I knew I had seen the space just a day or two ago, and could not think were I had put it as I was cleaning up-- and its been hanging around for almost 2 years waiting for me to put the leaf in place.

The answer was—I screwed it into place—and as soon as I attempted to do the install (with the improvised spacer)—I found what I had just spent a long hour looking for!

The leaf isn't very sturdy—I wouldn't want to put the printer on it (even though it would be very convenient to have it to my right, and not behind the monitor.) But it will be fine to hold the cordless phone base (Yet another piece of this project—moving the phone)

As soon as I finish one piece, another one suggests its self! And there are (ever!) details. I still need to hang a new calender (I keep my calendar on my computer—but I like a pretty picture one to hang on the wall and look at!)

And—while I have got the video cam working (with out crashing the internet) I still can't get sound out of my speakers. When I check the sound icon on the task bar, it indicated things are working (previously it didn't which is what led me to replace the sound card (vs the speakers)) I think it might be time for new speakers as well. This project is endless!

Today, it's clean up time, there are piles of things to throw out (old computer for 1, boxes for 2, shredded paper for 3, (do I need to go on?)) and stuff to put away (the drill, and other tools) and some stuff to organize (CD's—including all the new drivers from the new equipment)

This new arrangement makes better use of the space. The BEST use of the space would involve turning the desk, and working facing the wall. But I've rejected that—I want to be able to just turn my head (and not my whole body) and be able to look out of the living room window—Yesterday was rainy and foggy, and there is nothing to see, but on clear days, like today, I have a wonderful view.

(This very moment the view is workmen installing the new railing—or rather the railing frame. The glass inserts for the railing come later.)

It's going on two weeks now that I have been working on this project—and I would be so over it by now—except, it really looks good. I spend a lot of time at my computer desk—I like having it an inviting work space.

During the breaks—I have been skeining up (and making up skeins) of yarn.

Some 100gm balls of sock yarn got divided and balled up, and 1 ball of white became a skein—It will be hand painted--a Rudbeckia color way—deep yellow, crimson red and brown, one day soon. It will be divided, too, when it come time to make up balls. I think I will pair the hand painted yarn with a green and do star/flower like motifs in color work—It looks great in my mind eye—we'll see how it really works sometime next year!

It's not knitting--but it is fiber related!

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zippiknits...sometimes said...

It's smart to take advantage of a pretty view. Does the heart good.