Monday, December 12, 2011

Clean Out the Old, Bring In the New

Six little clear plastic purses (I wish I had a dozen!) have been cleaned out-the left over sock yarn stashed—the miscellaneous junk (pens, packs of tissues, business cards, etc) that crept into the bags, put away or discarded.

Next, these bags will be packed up with new sock yarn—and pattern idea's—and in some cases, needles, (When I inherited stashes, I also inherited needles—I have LOTS of needles, and other knitting notions), a tape measure, a few stitch markers, and what ever else might be needed. What ever I don't have and will need, I add to the note with the pattern ideas.

These sock kits will be my personal sock club—a handy way to plan my socks for the year.

It very effective! I had misplaced my notebook with pattern ideas, and then retrieved it this weekend—I had 4 new ideas to add to sock list-- When I review it, I realized I had forgotten half the ideas I had written down just a few months ago! I know with out the list and the sock kit all packaged up, I would forget even more!

The 4 new ideas brings my total list of ideas up to 16—Plus there is a list of another dozen ideas for my secret sock project. OK, some of them over lap, and some of the secret project socks are pretty generic--certainly the secret socks I am working on now are. The secret socks are about half done—With every step documented (and corrected!) and photographed along the way.

Some (not a lot, but some) progress has also been made on December's socks—they still don't look much like socks—and with each round they will look less and less like any sort of sock you might know. But in the end, they will be just another pair of socks.

One thing I love about Ravelry is how it reminds me what I have accomplished every year.

This time of the year, I feel like I have knit nothing—Or, OK, a hat or two, or some sock socks, but nothing to speak of, nothing much.

But then I look at my projects—all lined up, and suddenly, I see, 14 pairs of socks (Ok 2 are secret projects and not there) Plus one pair is still on needles, and won't be posted for another week or so. But
still, there they are, all those socks.

And it's not just socks—there is a shrug, and 2 vests, a dozen hats, (6 summer lace hats, 5 warm wooly ones + a baby hat). There scarves and cowls, and simple squares,(for Robyn's art project), some fingerless gloves.

Did I really knit all that in the past year? Maybe my knit list for the coming year isn't so ambitious after all!

Some times I feel like such a slacker—I wish I had a db like Ravelry for everything... Maybe I do more than I give myself credit for—and need a reminder! I suppose this blog serves as one –but I don't often go back and re-read it... But then again, just looking at the number of posts--236, so far this year--(I've made a real effort this year to post 5 days or so a week)--I haven't done too bad. And there is all the work I have done on my web page--(and so much more work in the pipeline!)

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gayle said...

I can't think of anyone who seems to finish knitting more projects than you! You put my pitiful production to shame...
Can't wait to see what you're going to think of next!