Friday, December 02, 2011

Entering the Home Stretch

So starting back on Monday:
Bought a bunch of computer hardware
Installed Wifi network
Labeled and Re-routed wires
Set up new Monitor
Added a Printer

I didn't bother with the fax set up—I'll keep it as an option—I do occationally have a need for a fax machine (but less and less)). Nor bad for a week. (I know, I could have had it all done in a day--in theory--but everything took longer than expected!)

Still to do? A second hole and chase for wires—It's a pain to drill in the compress strand board with Birch veneer desk top—The first one took 2 charges of the cordless drill—But I think its worth the effort.

And a heavy duty velcro mount for the power strip is needed too. (My apartment is considered fireproof—the walls are plaster coated concrete. Great for safety but mounting most anything is a real PITA! You can't nail anything—you have to drill a hole (with a masonary bit) put in a plug and screw up everything. I am a big fan of 3M mounting strips for most of my art/wall decoration (the Command adhesive ones). But good as they are—even the big (which aren't very big) velcro strips won't hold up a power strip—Well-- they will if I never plug or unplug anything-but I unplug things (cel phone charger for one) all the time.

The last thing to do is to reinstall my web cam—again, not for me a high priority—but I have it, so I should get around to connecting it. The first time I tried to install it—there was a conflict—It interfered with my modem/internet connection—But I've already swapped the USB ports—so maybe that's all I needed to do. (We'll see)

Then sometime in the future—I'll pick up a new sound board—and take the CPU apart and replace it.

While I am at it, I'll slave in a second R/W CD—I salvaged one from my last computer—and its nice thing to have (it makes copying a CD super easy). I don't need to copy a CD, (or burn 2) very often—but why not? I haven't bothered to make the effort—but if I am taking unplugging everything (all the lovely, labeled everything's!) and taking the cover off anyway...

But before that—a full back up of all my files-(I have back ups of MOST of them)--and everything is backed up in 2 places on the hard drive..But, no sense in being stupid—I know I should do monthy-(I don't--lots of stuff is backed up--but not everything)

Knitting? Haven't done any! But Look-- a bonus package of yarn—mostly acrylic (some of it looks like Red Heart--(just when I though I had used up all of my Red Heart!)) but some is wool (and/or a wool blend. 2 Needles too, as set of Boye short straights, (US size 5(3.75mm)) and one a 29 inch circular—size 10.5(6.5mm)

These yarns are bonuses from my sister—who haunts thrift shops (in Japan) and finds some wonderful stuff—Lovely wools, often, and some other interesting yarns. These aren't the best she's sent me.. but Oh, how wonderful to open the door to an unexpected package!

(OH, and I am off now to get my washed and dried laundry!)

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zippiknits.....sometimes said...

What a great thing, to find an unexpected package of yarn on the front step. Hooray for sisters who find stuff!

I followed, with interest, the rebuilding of your system. Thanks for posting about it. I'm not kidding, I love to read about computer stuff.