Thursday, December 15, 2011

Every Year, I Swear:

Next year, I am going to be neater and more organized. And while some progress is made, by the end of the year, it' s pretty clear, I am far from being neat and well organized!

As the year comes to a close, I am once again cleaning up and sorting through piles of UFO's—and clutter. And once again, I am making an effort to make sense of my plans, my stash, my life.

Yesterday morning— I spent a good hour untangling and winding up 6.5 oz of some lovely merino homespun—Next I will skein it up—and think about dying it--(What Color?!) And then what? A hat? A lacy scarf? Something else? It's not super wash, so some things are out of the running-no slippers or bed socks --they become by default slipper for a short while between getting up and getting showered-- and need to be washed way too often for hand washing. On the other hand, 6 oz of DK/light worsted weight yarn is a lot of yards—easily enough for a nice sized scarf or medium sized shawl.

And its not the only yarn that been handled. A whole bunch of partial skeins have been neatened up and made into lovely little cakes on the ball winder. A bunch of jumbo (2.5 gallon) zip lock bags have been washed—and a dozen more purchased—I love storing fiber in these clear bags and finished stuff, too. I know that when yarn is in sight, it is half way to knitting it!

The first few (5) sock kits have been put together—with yarn, and needles, and pattern—The yarn divided (when needed) into 2 cakes, and a index card with the general plan for the socks –or specific information (intended stitch pattern—and the book and page the stitch pattern can be found) added too.

I've been making lists, too. Sweaters—and vests, and other things to knit, hats to knit, and patterns to write. I already have 3 scarf/shawl things on the list—Do I add another? And the list doesn't even have a full sized shawl on it—but my Daughter is getting married in October—perfect weather for wedding shawl—And maybe one for me, too? I have the yarn—Miles and miles of cob web weight merino--(I haven't balled that up yet!)--but I also have mile of silk merino, (lace but not cob web weight) and not too shabby a collection of silk, too. (a pastel color way, with a butter yellow predominating, or a huge skein of a dry crisp raw silk in shades of blue, and finally some dusty pink/mauve silk) There is also a beautiful blue angora/silk/merino blend (about 400 yards) or the dark teal blue Zepher--(silk/merino).

For some one who swears every year I am never going to make another scarf/shawl—I have an awful lot of yarn for just that purpose!

I even got a little knitting done. The secret socks have heels and an inch or so of leg—they will soon be complete. The public socks has had a measly 3 new rounds added by yesterday—but a few more rounds added last night. They look the same (just a little bigger) and this part of the sock isn't even half done.. so they won't look much different the next time they are seen!

The Girl with Dragon Tattoo has been re-read, slowly and carefully, and now I am started on re-reading book 2 of the trilogy.

There is a new calendar hanging on the wall next to my desk—and the console table in living room is just about cleared—this week end I will do the meager bit of decorating I do for the holiday. I have a lovely collection of glass tree's—all stylistically ever green--(some are even green glass) that I like to display—and I usually add a 6 foot tall conical tree of lights –on my terrace—but I don't hold out hopes that it will be open and ready for use before the new year –so there will be less than usually decorating.

I am not a big fan of Christmas—and don't do much in the way to celebrate it. Much of the holiday is so commercial and meaningless, the religious part is almost lost. And I am not very religious—well not in an organized way. I have a strong spiritual life—but I don't go to church—and liturgically, (in the RC I was raised in) Christmas isn't really that big a holiday. It's become bigger as its become a more secular holiday—It can be fun for the children—but it can also be just about the gimmes, too. But maybe that is just my own negativity showing.

And speaking of negativity—I am a bit annoyed that I haven't lost any weight in the past week! I feel like every meal is a big bowl of salad, and there have been no cookies, no snacks, no potato chip or ice cream (and no movement on the scale!) My leg is just about healed (the scab is gone—and there is tender pink skin in its place) and come the new year I will join the local pool and get involved in some water aerobic classes—I need not just to reduce calories—but to exercise more!

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