Monday, December 05, 2011

Knitting? Nada.

Well a few stitches(under 100). None of them photo worthy.

Bits and pieces of other stuff done --Friday's clean laundry finally got put away Sunday AM. Mountains (well maybe not mountains, but a lot) of stuff that I had been saving “in case” got deemed worthless, and tossed. I confess to be border line hoarder—and I am always packing away stuff that might be useful someday—But every once in a while, I go on a cleaning binge and throw out mountains of stuff that I recognize is hopelessly out of date or just useless, or that just won't ever be fixed or made into something, or... And right now I am on a bit of a clean out and discarding binge.

My next cleaning binge (I hope!) will involve clothing—Already a bunch of clothes are loose—and some are getting way to loose and just don't fit—In the most wonderful way.

In the 8 weeks of recovery from my little bit of surgery, I have lost 15 pounds. I am not losing weight as fast—I knew I wouldn't be able to keep losing 2 pounds a week—but was a nice way to jump start weight loss.

I had lost some weight last year (I dunno, maybe 10 pounds? Maybe more.) and some of my clothes were already a bit loose—I had to buy (well buy the makings of, and made) a few belts.

Now those clothes are so loose that they slide off me (unbelted, a skirt with its waist band fastened falls easily over my hips) So I see the difference not just on the scale, but everywhere.

Now I need to get out and exercise more—come the new year, I will make a point of getting to the pool and sign up for the water aerobic classes and go to them. I can't just yet—my wound is finally almost healed—the incision has moved from being a deep ugly crater, to now being a 99% scabbed (“granulated” in medial speak) little (well not that little but way smaller) injury.

I don't want to be spending time in the pool to the whole thing is healed (and new pink skin (vs a scab) is all that is left.

What I did most this week end is read—I can't say enough of how much I am enjoying the Stieg Larson's trilogy—I am racing through them—and then, once I know the story, I'll re read and savor all the details.

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