Friday, December 09, 2011

A Little Bit of Knitting

A sock (what else is new?)--Not the toe, and clearly not the cuff, but the beginning of a sock none the less. I had planned (at one point) to use this yarn for a pair of “Skew” socks—but I lost interest in that pattern. Now, I am doing a different pattern (sort of...I am making some adjustments to a pattern I say, and customizing it.)--it's a trendy thing.

I am pausing (--read stopping with out quite being finished) on the desk for now. I'll buy some new speakers at some point soon—and finish clearing off the paper work that is just out of sight, (the left side of the desk) in the images. Every day the pile is smaller, soon it will be gone. The speakers are the only real priority—I miss sound! (The image of the right side of the desk shows--there still isn't a phone base there yet--(the CPU tower is under the half circle leaf.))

Meanwhile, I've printing out some things that I wanted hard copies of, and editing them. I started out last year with my web page—and while I have added a lot to it, there is more I want to add—and a good percentage is stuff that is 90% done—and just needs some final editing. I want to make a new start in the new year and improve what I have—Especial since,come the new year, the web page will be moving to its own domain. (don't worry there will be fanfare the day it happens!)

I want the to start off with a new improved web page offering more goodies, (patterns, links, videos, and tutorials!)

I've completed the first draft of one pattern—but I am still knitting the sample—I need to stop and take photographs of the progress and that's slowing me down.

And there are 3 other patterns that are awaiting “tweaks” to make them perfect, some are hats, some are socks, some are others projects. There are over half a dozen patterns in the pipeline—Just waiting for me to finish them.

I am moving in so many directions at once—Changing my eating habits, losing weight—(well not this week—the scale is being very unfriendly—I haven't gained back anything—but I am stuck for the moment), cleaning and re-organizing my living space, writing patterns and tutorials, reading... Knitting (actually pick up yarn and making stitches) has fallen to the wayside for the moment.

It happens, but don't worry, the knitting content of this blog will resume!

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gayle said...

I wish someone would invent a day-stretcher. There just aren't enough hours...
Looks like you need one, too!