Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Secret Socks--

Are almost done –they are anklets now—but won't be finished till they are taller, mid calf length socks.
And they are, oh so boring, now to knit! I got a good two inches done yesterday--(and half of the Sunday NYTimes crossword puzzle). I could have done more I suppose—but...

Most of yesterday was spend in NYC HHC (Health & Hospial Corp) Primary Health Care—a service I didn't know about—but that now serves as my health care center. I can't complain about the quality of the care—the doctors, the nurses, the service available are all top notch—but SLOW? Incredible slow. Hours are spent—The first 2 hours weren't too bad—A lot got done. But then there was a wait for more stuff--and after 4 hour hour wait, I decide I could wait a while longer for some of the services offered—and gave up and went home.

By then, I was already re-acting to the Pneumonia and flu vaccinations--(the pneumonia one more) my arm was achy, and tender, and by the time I got home (a 30 minute commute) I had a low grade fever.
In the first 2 hours, I had seen a care nurse who check my blood pressure, weight, temp and respirations, I had seen a doctor did a complete exam (including checking on my now nearly healed leg) and who scheduled a ton of tests and some meds. I had seen a RN for the afore mentioned vaccinations, and a pre-care instructions for a colonoscopy (scheduled), and an optical technician who checked my eyes.

So knitting was done for the day—and so was I. No blog, no photos, nothing else done, either!

My not secret socks? Progress is slow.. each sock now has over 120 stitches—and will like have 150 (or maybe even more) before I change—The socks (if you haven't guessed) are being knit starting from the base of the heel.  The center markers mark divides foot stitches from leg stitches. (the single side marker is BoR marker)

There are 4 sets of increases—1 Center of the sole, 1 center of back , and 2 that run up on a diagonal to the top of the instep. Once I get to the top of the instep, I'll break—and begin to knit only the foot.

At that point the foot will have half the stitches (or about 74 )and they will be decreases (creating in effect a gusset) until there are circa 60 stitches. I'll continue to increase on the sole, (and do double decreases on the top of the instep) and will have a diagonally knit foot. At some point, the sole shaping will end, the rows will even out.. and a toe will worked.

Then I'll go back to the other 74 stitches, and work the leg portion of the sock. It too will be shaped by decreases--(and perhaps a central motif)

I already have almost 4 inches of the center seam of the sole of foot (the edge with the BoR marker)and center seam of the back of leg-- so by the time I get to knitting the foot and the leg, there will be a nice bit of progress on each—but now? Every round (and I am still increasing every 3rd round!) is twice the number of stitches found in a conventional sock—So progress is slow. 6 rounds since last photo? On a normal sock, the same number of stitches worked would be over an inch-- not a pittiful 3/8th of an inch!

The other good news? I've dropped another pound. So progress is being made on that front, too.

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zippiknits.....sometimes said...

Helen, Did you create this pattern? I'm thinking of making some like it just for fun. They are very nice looking and unusual, too.