Thursday, December 29, 2011

Spreading Myself Too Thin

Not that I am think yet—but I am 20 pounds light—A nice start to even less of me! Losing weight (planning meals, eating healthy (shopping for fresh vegetables) getting exercise has been a real priority. It's showing.

Sewing is soon going to become a higher priority than knitting, too, since a 20 pounds lose is enough that a lot of clothes don't fit! I can sew some elastic into some waist bands—and get some more wear out of some of the clothes—and some can be altered, (easily) but I really need some new clothes, too.

I still haven't sewn up the fabric I bought last year for skirts—and instead went out and got more fabric (60 inches wide and only $2 a yard!) and a pattern for a Jumper*. (Simplicity pattern no.9890--I can't find it on the web site) Skirts are more fitted and harder to alter—and either fit or don't. Jumpers can be altered a bit more easily--long darts front and back can make them more fitted in a flash! And since they hang from the shoulder –losing an inch or two from  the waist doesn't make them unwearable.

(*Note here—an american-english jumper--a sleeveless one-piece dress, that pulls over the head (no zippers required)that can be worn as is, or with a thin (cotton t-shirt) shirt under it. )The pattern also includes a top—a camp shirt like jacket to be worn over the jumper.

Some of my fitted skirts are so loose that they fall over my hips now—while the waist band is still buttoned, and the zipper is still unzipped! Sure I can add a belt—but the bunched up look when is not very attractive (and hides my weight loss too!) Even the elastic waist skirts are too loose.

I have been making all sort of efforts in all directions— beside weight loss—I continue to clean—and organize (and cull!) stuff, and while knitting and blogging about knitting has fallen short, am working on pattern ideas, and getting some basic outlines of patterns written (and finishing up on pattern documentation I've started and never completed.) Culling old files and backing up the keepers goes on, too.

Since I haven't been knitting much--(and since normally I am so abnormally obsessive about it!)I haven't much to say.

1—The secret socks got finished—and are even longer by a few rows (a half inch or so) than average socks. (They got photographed this AM)--I am happy with the final results, too!

2—Decembers socks? Well maybe I'll have them finished by the end of the month/year—but... just.

I've worked a few more rounds (and the socks now have 36 stitches per sections—4 sections per sock or 144 stitches—and I still need more rounds, more increases, more damn knitting before I can start decreasing and shaping the foot. And every round is so damn long! These socks are going to be one of kind—I can't imagine knitting them again!

I really want to get there (have this portion done) —I obsessively try on the sock—hoping (though I know in my heart of hearts it still not there yet) it's big enough.  The (hard to see) white wire is one of my wire coat hanger sock blockers--and clearly the  heel section is still short of reaching the top of the instep! On the other hand, the sock has a good part of the bottom of the foot and the back of the leg knit...  I am counting on this to make both the foot and cuff portion of the sock a bit faster (once I get to them!) to knit.

It's clear that I am still some (too many!) rows short of being ready to break off and start the foot. (The cuff end will be last—I am sure I have enough yarn—but...)  


pdxknitterati/MicheleLB said...

Congratulations on your weight loss and impending sewing binge! Happy new year. Sounds like you're starting it off just right.

Batty said...

Wow, 20 pounds is great! Congratulations on all the hard work and the resulting success!