Thursday, December 01, 2011

What got done?

Quite a bit--not everything I planned--but...

The forstner bit eventually worked it way through the desk top- ONCE. I think its going to have to do it again before I am finished. The mouse and keyboard cable still snake across the top of the desk top, and some power cords are being pulled up at the wall side edge of the table –I think they would be neater routed through a chase. The kit (signum, from Ikea) came with the bit and 3 plastic liners and snap on covers—so drilling a second will time and effort –but I can do it.

The first hole (chase) is at the back of the desk, and it has a over half a dozen wires being fed into it. The modem cord is so long, it starts at top (in a power strip outlet, goes into the chase, down to floor (and transformer) and then comes back up as a light weight cord and jack to be connected to the modem. The modem cable goes down, too (and comes up at the far edge of the desk to be connected to wireless router.)

So far there are 2 power cords being pulled up to the front power strip --the CPU and the new monitor but before I am finished, the printer power cord will join. I have one of those energy saving power strips—with a Master/slave control. When the CPU goes to 'sleep' there are up to 4 outlets that are slaves. Power to these slaves get shut off—entirely. Power up the CPU, and power is automatically restored to the slaves. It's very convenient—you get to save power, with out having to turn everything off (and on) –again and again—and it does it for you if you forget!

Right now only the new monitor is a slave—but the printer will become a slave, too. There are 2 other outlets in the strip that aren't slaves—and powered all the time--like the wireless phone—and the wi-fi router—I don't want these to turn off when ever the computer does! The back power strip is for the modem, speakers, my camera docking station, a swing arm desk lamp and the new shredder. A lot of things plugged in—but most don't draw much power. (That power strip has a single outlet free (its on of those big bulky ones--specially designed with outlets far apart to that its easy to plug in a bunch of transformers)

I am still not finished, but already, most of the mess of wire have been tamed –put into split tubes, labeled and routed under the desk (instead on top). I am going to wait till the last minute to tie wrap them to the table frame—In case some thing need to be re-routed-- but already it's so much neater!

There more space, too without a rat's nest of wires snaking across the desk top. And it will be easier to keep clean.

Still to come—hooking up the new monitor (which means moving the CPU)--but by the time I was finished drilling, and climbing under (and out from under the desk) a half dozen times—organizing the wires-- it was enough for the day.

And I am likely going to have more work--my sound card conked out. Just as I am about to finish up the install of a nice big 19 inch monitor (and possible be able to watch a movie)-no sound!

But Look--on a happier note! Socks—once again, in under the wire and finished in the same month they were started.

I got some reading done, too.* But not the laundry—but it did get taken from the hamper, sorted, and made ready to go—the first thing I did this morning was to head down to the laundry room—only to find, it's closed (yet again!) for repairs—with no notice going up about it either! How annoying!

*Lizbeth, (The Girl who Played with Fire)—she bought furniture for her new apartment—and bought the same desk (galant) that I have—I smiled at that!

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