Tuesday, January 24, 2012

1 Skein Equals:

 158 yards--or almost 5 inches of knitting.
I started yesterday a few rows into the 3rd skein of wool, I ended last night half a row into the new skein.

Measured from the cast on stitches at the under arm, I am 1 row short of having 5 inches. I actually started the skein a little bit before that row, but not so much more that it counts for much.

This marks skein 3 on this vest--(of 7. 75 skeins that were in my stash).. Right now, measured from the slightly lowered neck line, the center back length is 13.75 inches (let's say 14 inches!)

If I were to try and model it on Missy the dress form—well, her neck to back length is a just 13 inches—and it would look done. But my neck to back length is 18! (I am very long waisted!)--Still 14 inches (using 3 skeins) is good progress—and it certainly means I'll have enough yarn—Plus it's far enough along that I won't find my energy or enthusiasm for knitting it fading—1 more skein (the one in play now) will add another 5 inches--(18 inches!) With another half skein, the vest will be nice comfortable top of the hip length. Even if my pace slows (and it will) that just 2 days worth of knitting.

The remaining half skein, and the partial skein will be enough yarn to make a generous collar--(the stitch count at the neck line is half the stitch count in the body) -1 full skein would yield almost 10 inches—or really, little less, since I think the collar is going to be ribbed, and ribbing eat up yarn at a faster rate than stocking knit. The ribbing will bring the neck snugger (but not too snug) as it add length to the sweater vest as well --which is why I think I will need at least a 10 inch collar (enough to go up, fold over and come back down!)

After the body and collar, I will still have 2 more skeins of yarn! More than enough to add sleeves-maybe not long sleeves—but then I don't much like long sleeves anyway!

It's mild today, --and the forecast is for continued mild weather—but February is usually the coldest month in NYC winters—and at this rate, when the next cold snap arrives (next month is just next week!), I'll have another warm sweater/sweater vest to wrap myself in to keep warm!

Given that I added 4.5 inches in length to my vest—it's should be very clear that no progress at all has been made on the socks!

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