Saturday, January 28, 2012

3 More Inches of Knitting Done

(big deal)
200+ Stitches of hem grafted. BIG DEAL!

 And now the body is done—well done, but not finished. The hem and front band clearly need a bit of blocking before they are going to look and behave as they should. The front band (a scant 4 stitches) was fine, and enough on the yoke—working with a stable stitch like the garter background—but I really should have made it wider –at least 2 stitches wider (upped  to a total of 6) or even doubled the width(8 stitches) for the endless stocking knit that is the body.

And while blocking will help, as will the simple weight of the metal hooks and eyes, the front band is really too narrow. Be that as it may, I am loving my leafy sweater vest!

My stocking knit is pretty good—No major rowing out, or other defects, but it too, will be improved by some blocking.

Next up, the collar. The provisional cast on has been unzipped, and the neck line is now on needles, ready to be worked on. (but I haven't knit a row yet!)

I have a full skein, and a little bit left of the partial skein I used to work the last few inches of the body— Which will be plenty for a nice deep collar—even with working the collar on a smaller needle (size 7/4.5) and in ribbing. After that, there are still 2 more full skeins—to add as much (or as little) of a sleeve as I want.

Done, I will have 1) used up some of my humongous stash, and 2) added a much needed bit of warmth to my wardrobe!

In a little while, I am off to pick up my car—A new starter motor (that was the culprit) and fresh oil, and a working signal—and it's ready to go! (Well, that is, if I fork over $400, youch!) While I am out, I'll look for the leafy hooks and eyes, and who knows, maybe I'll get lucky.

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