Monday, January 16, 2012

7 Days Later,

Like a proper cold, it's all gone. No more sneezing, headaches, muscle aches or fever. Slept through the night with no medication.

And, as I began to feel better on Saturday—I started my January socks—Black & White cookies.
I still haven't finished the secret socks (they are sans toes) but I can work on both at once.

Here in NYC Black & White cookiesare, well , The bakery treat. They are large (6 to 7 inches across) cake-like cookies, with very dark chocolate and vanilla fondant frosting. One recipe I have for making them calls for a box of vanilla (yellow) cake mix—made by reducing the water by half (if the mix calls for 1.1/3 cups of water, add 2/3 of cup, instead) and all the other called for ingredients. The stiff dough is baked by they half cupful, on greased sheet, cooled and the flat side frosted.

But I have never found a recipe for the frosting that is like the bakery ones. I am not, (never have been) a big fan of Black & White cookies. But that hasn't stopped me from eating many of them over the years!

So, the socks—Black and White—and because they are intarsia –the simplest possible intarisa—(straight line!) I am knitting them flat to begin with—it's just easier that way.

And because they are socks, not cookies, I am taking the liberty of making a fancy zig-zag seam—a simple set of twisted stitches—rather than the perfectly straight line of the cookies. They are hard to photograph—the Boyle needle just doesn't want to be pulled straight. They are mirror image, too, which make it a bit easier to knit.

I started with a long tail cast on—and 2 extra stitches (for the seam) and worked a few rows of stocking knit and reverse stocking knit for cuff. And now I am knitting away (gleefully twisting the yarns and stopping to undo them (twice already) every so often.

The intarsia will be center front, the seam, center back. The black and white motif will continue to the heel and then the foot will be a solid black. There will be lots of left over white yarn--(I am working with 2 50g skeins)When done, the remaining white will likely be dyed and re-purposed. I have 1 full and several partial balls of the black—enough. (Too much!) I really dislike working with the black yarn—Kroy make a very deep, dark black—In French they call it carbon –and coal black it is!

Working flat, I have to take care with the purl rows—If I let myself get careless, I can row out. Not a problem yet—but I know myself and my knitting.

It's been a long time since I've knit a sock with a flat knit top—the change up to construction is fun.

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zippiknits...sometimes said...

Glad you're over your cold. Colds, though self limiting, are still miserable to catch.

Those are interesting socks, the way you are going to combine intarsia and stuff. The last "sock" I knit with a flat knit top was a Christmas stocking several years ago.

The cookies sound interesting enough to look up on the web. hehe