Thursday, January 26, 2012

Another Skein, Done and Gone

But just... Only a single row has been knit with the next skein.  Another 2 inches added to the body—and that's about it.

I just got busy yesterday –(It was a beautiful day and I got to walking) and knitting just wasn't my number 1 priority.

Still—I've made some progress in the week I have been knitting—and it is just a week since I started this sweater vest-- And while progress has slowed, I am still making progress.

I am now I am close enough to finishing the body of the sweater vest, that I want to finish it—so I can try it on--with out worrying about dropping a stitch—and to really see how it fits-- and to start on the collar –the next big piece to knit. Since my plan was always for a vest— if I do add sleeves, they won't be full length ones—Even if it ends up that I have enough yarn. So it won't be long till it is finished!

But—I know me—My tension starts to slip when I get tired—and while I don't Row out- for a whole row—I do find loose bunches of stitches here and there. So last night when I was tired, what I did, instead of knitting, was to weave in a bunch of ends. So now every loose end (except the provisional cast on ends) has been woven in. I love getting the ends woven in as I go!

Latter today, I will go look for the hook and eye closures—I have a couple of different ones—but I don't remember how many sets of any one design. Like many who collect buttons, I also collect and re-use fancy hooks and eyes.

I think I want a full closure –not just a few at the top of the sweater vest—but all the way down the front. AND I think I have at least one set of 6—recycled from a bright cherry pink sweater vest –an acrylic one—that suffered a mishap in the dryer.

If I don't—I might need to go shopping—Not today... but soon!

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