Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Finally—A foot

 Or rather 2, since both the socks have finished toes.--Though the way the unworked stitches are saved on the stitch holders make its impossible to show both socks at one time

And the socks are closer to being done. They look a bit weird on LEG—and a somewhat better on the sock blocker. (And better still on my foot! I actually like how the bias fabric hugs my foot.) 

I didn't get much knitting done last night—and none this morning. Instead I balled up the Skinny Bugga, and the green home spun, and then went on to ball up some sock yarns, and another 100 g. skein of some pretty coral/orange/yellow fingering weight yarn that I can't remember where it came from or what is was intended for!  (for a shawl? Another shawl/scarf?!)

Anything instead of working on these socks! I don't know why. I like the colors—individually—but the overall effect of this yarn is just so-so. I like the yarn—its lovely and soft...but it doesn't inspire me. I like knitting novelty designs—but this one just doesn't impress me. I usually enjoy knitting-I look forward to finishing a row, a round, a pattern element. But not with these socks.

I only went back to knitting them because I want them done. I have invested too much time already knitting them—I am not going to frog them back to nothing—I've done that twice already. I am not going to abandon them. But...

I am sure, once done, I will wear them. I don't hate them. I am just not enjoying making them.
It happens—I have half a dozen little bags of sock yarn sitting waiting for me.. and all of them make me happy. What can is say?  

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Judy said...

They look rather interesting. If you had done them in a solid or wider stripes would you have liked them better?