Sunday, January 08, 2012

Finally—They are Socks!

Saturday is supposed to be for sewing (and I do need to get some done—I've stalled again on the scale, but things are shifting and clothes are looser than ever) but instead, a nice walk (it was spring-like out yesterday!) and some knitting.

The finished socks are the strangest looking things—they don't look like any sort of normal sock but they fit fine—better than fine. The fabric hugs the underside of my foot, and the back of my ankle. There is plenty of ease at the instep—with out any part of the sock being baggy—even though they look a bit baggy on LEGS.

This idea (and it's not my original idea—I know of at least 4 other patterns for socks that start at the heel) works. It has a totally different rhythm than toe up or top down socks. I learned a lot knitting this first pair. 

 When (and, really the fit so comfortable, it is a WHEN) I get around to knitting a sock like this again—there will be several improvements:
--More stitches to start (the heel is a bit pointy—not enough to be uncomfortable—but I don't like the look)
--More clearly marked quadrants—I used 2 stitches, 4 would be better—maybe even 6 for the instep (but not the center back and center sole)I think a strong line would improve the look and feel of the sock.
--The top of the instep will be grafted--(it gapes on these socks)
--The shaping will be more like the leg (starting a wedge immediately) rather than like the foot
--And the yarn will be a yummy semi-solid—some wonderful color that sings! These socks look there best when displayed and lit with the Ott (type) light—and I suppose will look good on bright sunny days (outdoors) but the rest of the time, they are too drab for my taste.

Today I am off to a wedding show case with my daughter—I am a very laid back mother of the bride—but she invited me—so all is good. My daughter has very strongly defined taste—but she also has an open mind—so it will be fun to see what catches her fancy—if anything!


Batty said...

Awesome colorful scks!

Have fun with the wedding thing. Being laid back is good. It's easy to get stressed out.

Judy said...

The concept of these socks are interesting. I wish I lived closer to actually see and handle the socks. It will be interesting to see what you do with the pattern.

Have fun with your daughter!

zippiknits.....sometimes said...

Those are very interesting socks. The yarn does lots different looking patterns which is very intriguing and appealing. Since the fit seems to work out, that's another reason to make them; it's time to follow your lead and knit some heel first socks.

Have fun with being the mother of the bide, and.. gratz on shrinking!