Tuesday, January 31, 2012

For the Moment

I am still thinking about how to finish the sleeves of the leafy vest. SO.. after hemming and hawing, and doing nothing—I went back to January's Black & White cookies socks. Do you want to see the four row of progress? Nah, it's not worth it. I'll work on them today, and tonight at LIC knit night and take a photograph tomorrow, when there is something more to see.

The top portion of the sock is now just past 5 inches, and normally I like to knit 7 or so inches of leg before I start the heel flap—but I'm growing bored with these socks, and want to finish them up and start on something new. So I'll continue the leg till I reach 6 inches, then start the heel flap (still working flat) and won't start working in the round till the turning and bottom of the foot.

Then there will be a few tedious rounds of intarsia in the round (for the length of the gussets), to continue the white front a bit onto the instep.   The bulk of the foot will solid, simple black.

All this indecision about the sleeves sent me to pot—the dye pot! Another skein of white sock yarn is on its way to being apricot—and then will be over dyed with some deep crimson and some red violet and a bit of yellow orange—It sounds awful, doesn't it? But—stop and think about a big juicy nectarine..with apricot flesh, and a skin of a deeper yellow orange, blushed with rose, and patches of deep reddish purple—Is there anything prettier? Wouldn't a nectarine color way be just wonderful?--Now my color choices make a lot more sense, don't they!

I can't get all the colors in one pass—so first the base of apricot.. and then I'll over dye and add splashes of the other colors. I don't have any solid orange in my wardrobe—but I have lots of golden shades—none are quite apricot, but there are several t shirts in shades of golds—marigold yellows, and other yellow oranges. There is purple, too (I have a pair of pants (in size 3X) that are on their way to becoming a skirt (size 1X—with a drawstring waist so as to become a size large) and I love to mix purple with yellow.

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