Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A Lull in Knitting

I finished up Decembers socks—all the ends (not many but a few) have been woven in, and then promptly caught a cold.

It's just a head cold, not serious. I feel tired more than sick—I am stuffy, and congested, and persist in thinking its nothing—and go about my normal day—and then Zonk—as soon as I sit down, I am out cold for few hours! I don't really feel that sick—but I have no stamina and no energy.

I feel a bit better today –because I took the night time cold remedy that promises a good nights sleep—It's a take one dose every 6 hours, but once asleep, I sleep through for a good 8 hours. Now up and about, I for a few hours, I am ready for a nap! I am stuffed up, but don't really feel that sick, just tired.

I try to avoid medications—so I won't bother with day time relief capsules—and will muddle through napping and drinking fluids, and being a bit lazy till I feel better.

I am thinking about socks—and now that Decembers socks are done, I have another little clear plastic case to fill with a sock kit... Which one?

Problem is—sock ideas don't live in a vacuum—they need to be paired with sock yarns.

Take the idea of another pair of puffysocks –The first time round, Red, white, and shade of grey going to black. I like the look, I like the results, and I think it would be good to do another pair.

Blue—then? The same white, and shades of grey going to black? Or blue and white and shade of blue fading to navy? I have a nice bright blue, I have white, and I have navy. What I don't have is three shade of intermediate blue, (sky, medium, and dark, but lighter than navy)

Or how about bright yellow, then white, then shade of brown? No way, I don't have shades of brown.

OK then, bright yellow, then white, then marigold yellow, and then deeper yellow orange, then rusty orange, then brown. I think I could manage those colors.. but do I have a need for socks in these colors?

I have a huge stash of self patterning (stripes and mock stranded color work) –and a semi huge stash or semi solids--(mostly solid with intermittent colors) and I love these yarns for basic generic socks.

But I often want to knit more exciting socks—and multi color socks yarns are best suited to simpler socks--Where as complex socks are better in simpler yarns—Not necessarily solid, but not to busy a yarn—I don't like when the yarn and stitch pattern compete.

And then there are socks I want to design, knit and document for a book on socks—What yarns for these socks? What designs? When to knit them?

I end up playing with my stash—thinking about what to do (and doing nothing)

Well, I should be feeling better in a few days...maybe I will be thinking clearer and have some idea of what to do next.

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gayle said...

Even if there's no visible result, your brain is cooking up ideas while you play with yarns and colors. Get lots of rest and let the energy return - you'll be a whirlwind of knitting again soon!