Friday, January 13, 2012

More Secret Knitting

Sock, always socks. It's going to be difficult to knit 12 pairs of socks and not say anything about them.

At least I can mention—there has been no visible knitting on this blog because all the knitting that is going on (not that there has been much) is secret. I'll be finished soon, and then publicly knititng January's socks—and will have something to share—but I haven't decided which of my 7 little bags of sock kits in January's!

I have decided, IT IS NOT Black Eyed Suzy's—but just about everything thing else is up in the air.

I am leaning toward black and white cookie socks—Its #1 on my list of ideas, and its not too complicated, (and black and white are good practical colors that go with clothes currently, and planned for my wardrobe) –so they might just be the ones.

But at some point I have to stop knitting, and start sewing (tomorrow? Saturday is supposed to be for sewing) since I am, still shrinking. Another 3 pounds less of me. I am not losing the weight as fast as I did 2 months ago; I know its pretty normal to slow down. But so long as I keep steady, and lose slowly I am OK.

I am going to have to get with it, and get involved in some sort of more aggressive exercise program, too. Exercise builds muscle (and often make it harder to loose) but it also works to tighten up the skin, and I am getting lots of loose flabby skin—that I need to get rid of.

I am just about over the cold (just in time, the weather has turned to real winter—with cold winds) all that remains is a headache.   

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Robyn said...

Have you considered yoga? It can be quite gentle while still building strength and flexibility. Don't be put off by that NY Times article! Personally, I think yoga is the one thing that a person can safely do for an entire lifetime because it isn't just exercise.