Wednesday, January 25, 2012

More Than Half, but Not A Whole Skein

Worth of knitting.  I was busy yesterday, and other activities limited my knitting time... But over 3 more inches have been added to the leafy sweater vest.  I did enough knitting, that you can see the difference--

Now the length of the vest (center back) is 16.75, --at the under arm, 8.25 inches. I also added the slightest of waist shaping (just 4 decrease on each side). It's hardly noticeable—but its something.
(I have thought about more waist shaping, or even a casing (for a drawstring) or just some eyelets to weave a drawstring so I could cinch the waist (I am smaller than I was last year, but by next year I hope to be smaller still.. and I want to be able to wear this vest then, too!)

I might add a casing later (as a finishing touch)--or maybe I'll think of something else..

I have the live arm hole stitches on circular needles (as stitch holders) and this allows me to actually try on the vest as I go—and I get a good feel for how the vest fits—but for a casing, I would want to have the sweater finished.. (and get the casing in just the right place!)

At this point, its just about waist length--which makes perfect sense--My neck to waist measurement is 18 inches, and this sweater vest started with a slightly lower neck line--so almost 17 inches at the center back is "right".   In a few more rows, I will restore the 8 stitches I decreased (and maybe even 4 more!) to flare the hem of the sweater out.

While I have decided I want ribbing for the collar, I am pretty sure I don't want ribbing for the lower edge—I think a hem is the way to go . This is a PITA way to finish off over 200 stitches, because I like to graft the hem to the knitting for a smooth seam—but I think it will be worth the work.

I haven't touched the sock at all.. Likely these January socks will be a bit late—just as December's socks were late—On the other hand, I have knit 1 secret pair of socks already this month—so its not as if I am being a total slacker!

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