Friday, January 06, 2012

More—But Not Yet Done

 The leg is inching upward—but still has a ways to go.

The top edge is still very biased—as can be seen on both LEGS and on the sock blocker

The image below and to the left shows the lop sided progress—The gauge is about parallel with the stitches before I started the leg portion of the sock—and as you see, about 1 inch of knitting has been added to the back of the leg—but almost 4 inches have been added to the center front of the sock!

What is less evident (the bias stitches hide it to some degree—is the stitch count went from 164 to 64—100 stitches decreased--in the same 4 inches. That is the work of a whole bunch of short rows!

I wish I could say I was out of sock yarn (or running out soon) and would just have to live with socks that were taller in back than in front—but I have lots of yarn left—and lots of knitting to do too.

I like the fit—I like how the bias fabric hugs my arch and the back of my heel, (yes, I know its loose and baggy looking on LEGS—but my feet and legs are bigger) and I even sort of like the V wedge in front—and I like how there is no pooling of colors--not anywhere! A pretty interesting thing—especial since the number of stitches in the wedge, or round are changing all the time.

Now they are almost finished—and that what I want most—to be done. Maybe tonight—I know I am going to try!

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