Thursday, January 12, 2012

Not Knitting?

Well then fill the dye pot!

Which is exactly what I did. The result is a nice semi solid green for the Black Eyed Suzy socks.
This skein will be balled up today-- and maybe while I am sitting there, a few other skeins will find them selves on the swift and be balled up too. That's not knitting either, but it is still fiber related.

I have absolutely no plans to start the Black Eyed Suzy socks now—I think my next pair of socks are going to be something simple and straight forward—maybe a simple self striping yarn—that will be an easy and fun to do sock. A perfectly boring sock--December socks were different enough to make boring socks something to look forward to.

But I have been planning the Black Eyed Suzy socks... A multicolor ruffled edge, plain ribbing, then several bands of floral patters, The heel will be turned, with the gussets on the sole of the foot, and the sole instep will be a leaf pattern--the sole itself, a simple seeding pattern.

I've found patterns, and have been graphing them on graph paper index cards—so when the time comes, everything is all ready to go!

And my empty sock bag? It's been filled—a blue/teal self striping yarn, and coordinating green for the Dragon fractal—My first thoughts had been black socks with red designs— is so horrid to knit with—and then when I read there are further refinements of the Asian zodiac, and there are years of Water dragons, (vs earth or air) I was set. Blue is much more practical color, and so much easier to knit with.

I am feeling a bit better—no doubt because last night I ran a very small errand for a friend (I hopped in my car, bought a single item, delivered it, and returned my car to the garage) –hardly an effort—but it left me tired enough to sleep 9 hours straight! (OK old lady like, I did get up once in the middle of the night, but I went right back to sleep!)

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