Monday, January 23, 2012

Separated, and Together Again.

The yoke was finished before it was long enough. So a dozen rows were added to front right, then center back, and finally front left. Then a few stitches cast on for under the arms, and now a few rows of the body have been knit. I'll finish the armhole edges when I finish the sleeves which are for now, just a cap sleeve (and each is on a spare circ as a stitch holder) I wanted to be able to try on, and check the fit.. (its perfect!) 

On Missy (the dress form) the yoke ends at the top of the bust, and the stocking knit look like it's below—On me, the neck is higher—and the yoke ends well before the top of the bust—I am just about at the top of the bust now with a few inches of stocking knit.

It's on its way to being something. This is now the long slog.. rows and rows of stocking knit.

I started with skein 3 in the last row of the last segment (front left)--so I will by the end of this skein have a good idea of how long I can make the vest—And I found another partial skein--It's a different dye lot, but under the ott light, (and other light) it's a very good match—It could easily be used (with just a bit of weaving 2 skeins) on the hem, or collar, and would be unnoticeable.

Nothing more has been done on the socks—I was out all day Sunday at a family gathering—and came home to tired to do anything—ramen noodle for supper (with a few extra veggies thrown in) because I was to tired to even really eat—let along cook. I had planned to heat up some rice and packaged mixed curried vegetables—but that was to much effort!

Today I need to clean out the fridge (of left overs that, I know, I am just not going to eat) and stock up on some fresh veggies—I am down to half a fresh pepper, no lettuce, and no broccoli—Until I shop, cole slaw is only salad option--(I like cole slaw, but its a bit gassy!--this from a person who regularly dines on both onions and broccoli!)--I am not so low on veggies that I am out of onions or carrots- and I have some (low there too) frozen vegetables—but that's another place to stock up.

Last week I had a mishap at the grocery store-(lost my keys!) and ended up not shopping—yesterday, was out at the party—also no shopping... So while I have lots of food (meats, soups, rice & other grains) —fresh healthy fruits and veggies (and frozen ones) are in a short supply.

Todays forecast is for rain all day—so maybe tomorrow I'll hike over to the REALLY BIG vegetable store and cart home a collection—Kill two birds with one stone—get a bit of exercise and shop at the same time!(I have, easily, a half dozen competing green grocers in a 5 block radius—the closest is one of the smaller (and while only pennies difference, one of the more expensive ones) The furthest is the biggest—a 40 X 100 space (that spills out onto the sidewalk) with a huge selection of vegetables.)

Weight was stalled for days, (even backslide a pound) but now am heading downward again. The loss of the last pound (to make a round 25!) is elusive--and I know its only going to get harder as time goes by.


gayle said...

At least stocking stitch adds length faster than garter stitch does! Sounds like a good time to stock up on movies and let your fingers fly...

Judy said...

Or listen to some really good music!

zippiknits.....sometimes said...

You have made daily progress which is very good indeed! The sweater is lovely looking.

The weight will come off, and you've done great steadily losing 24 pounds. Good Job!

That post you made about the local markets was wonderful! Thanks for sharing the lovely markets.