Friday, January 27, 2012

Some Times, Life Interferes...

Sometimes?! Always!

My plans for yesterdays were simple—a quick trip to the grocery store to pick up some yogurt, and a few other things (like some frozen vegetable) , and then on the way home, a stop a the green grocer, to stock up on salad and soup greens. Once home , put the groceries away, cooking some (a quick vegetable soup), and in the evening, some knitting.

Mission accomplish—Except for the part about getting home after the shopping. My car died. Something shorted or failed between the ignition key and starter motor. Turning the key got me the radio and other electrical stuff (battery is new, and fine) and a clicking noise (some sort of switch or solenoid) but no crank of the starter.

So yesterday's quick trip to the market took all day (what with waiting for the tow, getting to my garage (by that time the tow truck came, rush hour –which really is rush HOURS—had already started) and getting home again. The weather was mild—but it was raining all day, and the roads were slick—heavy traffic was made slower by a few minor accidents along the way.

All in all, it was nothing physical really –well actually getting into the tow truck (a million feet up) up was. The truck didn't have a handy step up, and there wasn't even the 6 inches the curb would normally provide—so was a bit of struggle--(and solved inelegantly by climbing up on my knees!) but the stress of the whole thing left me exhausted. I got the groceries put away, but no soup got cooked (I ate canned soup and big salad for dinner) and no knitting got done.

I had planned –in the back of my mind—a trip to the garage planned some time SOON. One of my signal light just failed this week (the FRONT drivers side—but the side (front) and side(rear) and rear all worked, and I needed an oil change, so getting to the garage was a must do, but not a must do NOW. But not being able to start--(and being parked in a space that was legal for the moment—but not for long term (alternate side of the street parking regulations would have kicked in at 8 AM today) was a do NOW situation.

So the only thing that got done on the Leafy Sweater/Vest was I unearthed a few sets of hooks and eyes. I found one set of 7— and another set of 5. I like the set of 5 (a sort of leaf motif) better—both for the style, and the size--and I'll look and see if the style is still available--(and just buy 2 more). 

 But if I don't have success, I'll use the simple ones. I as counted, I remembered my cherry red acrylic vest-- on which I had used the leaf motif hooks—had a V neck –and needed few hooks and eyes than this slightly lowered neck vest will.

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gayle said...

I've been thinking about using double-knitting as a hem for a sweater (just cuz I have double-knitting on the brain lately, maybe), but don't know if it would work with top-down. (Kitchener the bottom edge? Bind off by k2tog-ing? Clearly, needs more thinking...)