Thursday, January 19, 2012


I have it! No sooner did I write that I needed warm woolly vest and sweaters, than I was struck.

Off to the stash—and on to the needles went this. The first few rounds of short sleeved vest –or maybe not—I might have enough yarn for ½ sleeves or maybe even ¾ sleeves--or I might not even have enough for a simple vest! (The yarn is Lion Brand Wool—the skeins are only 158 yards)

It might not look like it—since I didn't use contrasting yarn, but it has a provisional cast on--before I knit any sleeves, I want a nice deep collar. I have 7 skeins of this wool—and I think that is more than enough—but I get anxious-- better to start with a provisional cast on, knit the body, and then the collar, and then add what ever is left to the sleeves.

It's a top down (D'OH!) simple thing—not a raglan—but almost the same math—I am doing 16 increases every 4th round, (vs 8 every other round) and then just adding the raised leaves for interest.

There are going to be a second set of leaves to follow, (between the already knit leaves) to make the yoke interesting to look at and to knit. Of course the leaves are a problem—One issue I have with top down sweaters is, every row gets longer and longer. The leaves exacerbates this—they are raised (and not flat) because of 2 factors:
1—they leaves are stocking knit (not garter like the background) and are longer than the back ground knitting.

2—the leaves have a bunch of increase in the beginning (the lacy YO) that put extra stitches into the work. The second half of the leaf, with the decreases, actually changes (decreases) the over all stitch count for a row or two. But by then, by the last row of the leaf, the other increases have made the over all yoke bigger—so no matter—there are always more stitches per row!

Should I feel like I am running out of yarn—I can always add some stripes or a change of color for the lower edge —grey is a nice neutral—almost any color will go with it. And I have a number of colors of this wool (including several white skeins that could become any color I want!) Since the collar is yet to come, stripes—or even a single contrasting color could be added at the hem, and again at the collar-to make it look like I planned it that way—which, in a way, I have!

I could go with yellow (I don't think so)--I do  have some grey and yellow socks, and some green and yellow clothing.
I could go with a deep cherry pink (I like the idea better, but I don't really have any deep cherry pink clothing) –though I do have grey and pink socks.
I could go with a blue—I have lots of blue clothing—but—Boring! Still blue might be the most functional color to add.
I even have a nice dark green-- Well I don't have decide now!

Tomorrow is a busy day (I will be out most of the day) but I might have down time—I could end up posting—or I could end up being too busy. I am bringing my antique lap top with me, and my camera-and I'll see how things develop.  For sure I have time for knitting--so by the next post there should be more of the vest--and maybe even more of the Black & Whites socks.

Now—it's back to laundry (I missed getting it done last week when I had my cold) and its down to the basement—and drudgery! (by the time I was ready to post this, the laundry done (ie, washed and dried) but it still needs to be put away!)


Just a Thought said...

This is a beautiful start. Is this a pattern you are making up along the way? If not, what is the name? I would love to look it up!

zippiknits.....sometimes said...

I love the look of this sweater. I agree that a nice deep collar would be good for this sweater.