Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Sunday 1, Monday 2, Tuesday 3

And today I am working on completing inch 4 (and maybe 5) of the Black & White cookie socks.
(no photo--they have come to the point of needing the yarns to be untangled) 

And I am itching to knit something besides socks! Decembers socks took forever, and 2 pairs of secrets socks have also been knit, and now Black & Whites—That's nothing but socks—for a long time!

And there are more socks on my mind—and scarves, and sweaters. I have become,  some how, an old lady—that is, I am always cold, and always looking to warm up! My hand and fingers are cold, and endless cups of coffee (de-caf) serve as hand-warmer as much as beverage.  But normal woolen socks often aren't quite warm enough to keep my toes cozy. I am thinking of a pair of “Toe Ovens”--as Yarn Harlot calls them—simple socks knit from alpaca—a pain to hand wash—but much warmer than basic wool socks.

And my small selection of sweaters are getting a work out these days, too. I need, suddenly,  to knit some more sweaters and vest, and little capelets to keep my neck and shoulders warm. I am wearing one now-(I KNOW I blogged about—but some how failed to add to Ravelry!--) It's surprising how a little collar round my neck can make all of me feel so much warmer! It's not even wool --but silk and bamboo. 

Goodness knows—I have enough small odd balls of yarn to knit a dozen little collars like this, and skeins and skeins of yarn to knit little (or medium, or even large!) shawls. And plenty of yarn for sweaters—or if not enough for a sweater, easily enough for a vest, (or 2 or 3 or a dozen!)

My collection of hats it getting a work out, too—This winter has been relatively mild—but I find myself wearing a hat of some sort even on mild days. And while it has been mild—there have been a few cold snaps that have me hauling out every bit of woolens that I own---suddenly the idea of a thin woolen camisole, that cover me from shoulder to below the hips seems like a good idea! I think I'll wait till I have lost more weight (I am once again stuck--and while  I haven't re-gained any weight-I am not showing any loss either) before I take on a such a large garment in a fine gauge (and expensive soft wool) 

I need to knit more and document more (and spend less time goofing around on the computer) –Winter will be over soon—I and know I will have no interest in knitting a heavy wool sweater in the warmer months (and will rue that again next winter!)

OH, to be young again—when I never felt the cold!


Judy said...

If my experience is any indicator, being cold was part of losing weight. Old lady-ness has add a new dimension to the cold fingers and feet.

gayle said...

I'm cold, too, but the fact that it's -8 outside, and I just came in from doing chores, might have something to do with it...
Wooly *everything* sounds good right now!