Saturday, January 21, 2012

Yesterday—No Connections.

 Plenty of time, even plenty of space (a nice (if too high) desk, a comfortable chair), light and an outlet—the promise of an internet connection—but with out the drivers and permission—no connection!

I wrote a post—but in re-reading it.. I scrapped it.

So... starting again. I knit—LOOK—Black and White cookie socks have 5 inches of the leg knit! That's real visible progress from when last seen.  If I had continued knitting an inch or so a day, the leg portion of the sock would be complete by now.  The knitting is pinned because, d'oh, stocking knit curls.  Once the back seam gets sewn up, that won't be a problem.

And Leafy Vest? It, too, is coming along. Now there are 2 tiers of leaves—And soon I will put some stitches aside for the sleeves--(will there be sleeves.. Yes, I think so, even if just short ones) and will soon start on the body of the vest. (Remember, my dressmakers form is a size small (about a jr's size 3—and I am not! The yoke looks near done on form—but....)  The stitch count has more than doubled at this point--and there are still more increases to be made!

Thursday, Just a Though asked if there was a pattern, or if I was making it up as I go..
the answers is YES— and NO.

The basic (underlying) pattern is a top down, seamless raglan style. There are hundreds of free patterns for this type sweater, (and sites that will generate free patterns to size).

To this basic design/pattern I made some changes:
1-- a provisional cast on (the neck will be finished last, and will be (hopefully) a nice deep collar.
2—Instead of 8 neatly lined up increases (that create the strong lines of a raglan style sweater) I am increasing 16 times every 4th round, and NOT consistently lining them up, (so they are not creating strong visible lines) for a rounder shape to the top of the sweater.
3—I plopped in a raised leaf pattern--(8 of them! Twice!) the leaf motifs have increases and decreases—but these increases and decreases are independent of the ones for shaping. I could have plopped in another pattern—but I like this one! (Leaf motifs are ones I come back to, time and time again!)
4—There is front band—but the vest will have hook and eyes for closures, not buttons. So A, the band is narrow, and B, I don't have to figure out buttonholes—Which makes designing a bit easier!

So YES, the pattern is made up as I go... but NO, its not amazing—I am working with a known formula, and just adding some bells and whistles.

After the yoke of the sweater is complete, I will change from garter (which is especially effective for making the raised leaf motif “POP”) and work the body of the sweater/vest in stocking knit.

Garter works effectively in the yoke—but I think a smooth body is more attractive—and besides, stocking knit is LONGER (in effect) than garter, so getting a long body (which I want) will be faster to knit in stocking knit.

I haven't decided yet on bottom edge—It might be ribbing, or it might be hemmed.
It really depends on how well the yardage goes. I am on my second skein—and feeling more confident I have enough wool—but it's still early days!

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gayle said...

I also like keeping my options open when designing a new pattern.
Love your leaves!