Wednesday, February 22, 2012


A bit of green, a bit of yellow, and then a final bit of the main color. Which is mostly blue, shot through with bits of red, and green and yellow—The yarn is the now discontinued Swizzle, by Reynolds—75% merino, 25% nylon—A nice big 416 yard ball. (I have two more balls in my stash—one in a forest green and one in a light (vaguely bluish) grey. I remember where (and what I paid for) the green and grey skeins (almost nothing!)) but I can't remember when or where I bought the blue skein. At a garage sale, or a fund raising auction, or some where. (Or did I get it in a swap?)

Well it was in one of my sock kit bags to be knit up this year—though I hadn't originally planned the bit of edging.

Now that I have this bit of edge, and a bit of ribbed cuff (it's over an inch of ribbing, but short my normal 1.5 inches) it will be smooth sailing—or rather smooth knitting from here to the toe. I already have almost a half inch of the plain stocking knit that will predominate. The stripes of color are fairly widely spaced—but that is an an incentive—to continue knitting till I see the next color!

The edge stitch is a simple Latvian Twist—worked this time in a garter for 5 rows before the twist—and below the twist some stocking knit--5 rows of green, 3 of yellow and 0 of the main color. The stocking knit wants to roll forward, and it pushes the edging out , making it look fuller than it actually is—Plus the ribbing pulls in—and exaggerates the effect.

I've done this sort of tiers before—and the results where OK—this reiteration is more successful.

It leaves me with a bunch of ends to weave in, and 3 small seams to sew. But I think the effect is worth the effort. It's just enough—and simple enough to do—to jazz up these simple socks. It's not that I hate plain socks, but where the fun in knitting them? Besides I have a half dozen pairs of plain (OK so some of them are simple ribs, and not plain stocking knit) –Who need more plain socks?

Still it's nice to have a break from complex patterns, or cables, or lace and just endlessly knit, rows after row, with only the occasionally stripe of color to keep my interest.

I made no effort to try and match up the stripes—but it looks like the yarn is doing the work for me. The green stripes are not perfectly matched up--(2 rounds offset) but close enough!

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