Friday, February 10, 2012

Found: Camera!

Naturally, it was the last place I looked--in a tote, on a hook, near the front door, exactly where the tote should be hung up! OK, so the tote was hidden by a jackets—Last weeks mild weather had me wearing a spring/fall jacket, not my winter one—and this week's cold snap, has a bunch of “layers” (various vest and light weight fleece jackets) out and handy.  After working on the computer, I neatened up the foyer and hung up/sorted through the stuff hanging on the hooks.  And there it was.

So here are the Black & White cookie socks, (Yes, they did get turned round !) with an open back seam that extends into the heel flap, but not into the sole (the turn, neither, too). You'll have to trust me on that—since while the flap is finished, there hasn't been a turning or any of the gusset (and sole) knit yet.

The intarsia (black & white motif) will continue through the gussets, (which will be instep gussets) and then will end. Intarsia in the round is just to much of a PITA to do for long, Besides, the sole of the sock will be black—I don't want even a looped intarsia seam on the sole of the foot.

The next time I get in a non knitting mood, the back seam will be sewn up, and the ends will be woven in--that way, when the knitting is done, most of the finishing will be too. 

And here is the leafy vest-- with its little cap sleeves—with  the fancy hooks and eyes sewn in place.

Yes, I went with the 5 leafy ones--I think the spacing –with 6 hooks and eyes--would have been better. But the leaf style is so much better than the other—and Style won out. It's not just the leaf that made the difference; it was the size—these little leaves are sized right for the narrow front band.

It still needs a good blocking--for shaping the leaves, and smoothing down the hem, and the front. 

PS—Re: Gayle's comment.  I have a fancy camera case, too. (I call it my over the top camera case)- I started with a ready made small felt bag, then replaced the lining,  and zipper (add two small pockets in the lining to hold a spare set of batteries) needle felted it, then over embroidered and beaded it...

Today, its going to be sorting and organizing laundry--for tomorrow.  While it seems like I just did laundry yesterday, its actually been 3 weeks, and the hamper is full (and then some)--One item in the hamper is my winter jacket.  I had laundry on my mind when I went to tidy up the foyer--a good thing,   it turned out! 

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zippiknits.....sometimes said...

A very good thing indeed that you found the camera. The sweater is amazing, words are not enough. It's drop dead gorgeous.

Laundry.. Me too. Saturday is laundry day here.