Monday, February 06, 2012

I Have Nothing Nice To Say.

My health continues to improve –in spurts—and sometimes, in spite of what purports to be health care services industries (where I am a clearly just a clog).

My anxiety level has been high (on a scale of 1 to 10, I have been starting the day with 11 and working up.) --The prolonged disaster of my current situations is now ceasing to be anxiety producing--it's has now become ire---One blog I read posted the idea that evil starts with thinking and treating people as things..  I am feeling thing-a-fied--and angry.

I have been doing some knitting--(no photos) and some reading, but most of my energy is directed at just maintaining self control. Tomorrow, I try again. (this will be my 5th try at what seems to be a rather simple task—getting a prescribe to needed medications, and having that prescription filled.(with out breaking the bank!) 

Then maybe I can go back to being a normal person—and I can can blog about normal things, like wool, and knitting; sweaters (not done yet) and socks (some work done, but not even at the half way point (heel done) yet), and other stuff.   
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