Friday, February 24, 2012

I Was Forced

 to change yarns for the heel flap. This ruby red yarn kept insisting it was a good match for the cherry red stripe, and that I needed to add it to the sock. This image magnifies the difference in color—in natural light (its overcast and I used a flash to take the photo) the color difference is not so great--and this red is not quite colorfast.  It will fade a bit with each washing (as I know from experience).

So heel flap and turning--(and two new ends, per sock, to weave in)—are done in a third contrasting color. I think I am going to have to repeat the colors again just before I start the toe shaping—else I will work the toe in a 3 colored linen stitch... (nah, I remember doing a toe that way, and I didn't like how the decreases looked) So stripes –2 round of each color as the last few rounds of the sock-- it is.

(And that will add another half dozen ends to weave in! Aaugh! Why can't I just learn not to listen to yarn?!)

Still, it is nice progress, another 2 inches done (measuring on the instep side)--from a green stripe, to a cherry red one, and now just past a yellow one; The flap and turning, even the gussets started. The contrasting yarn solves a problem, too. I really dislike how the striping pattern of self striping yarns break at the heel flap and turning. There will still be a bit of disruption caused by the extra stitches per round as I decrease to form the gussets, but it won't be near so bad—and on the instep side, the color order (green, cherry red, yellow) will remain constant, and even the spacing won't be too distorted.

There are other solutions—different heels, for one—but since I have knit so many socks, I think I could knit a flap and turning in my sleep—for easy socks, (and these are supposed to be easy socks!) a flap/turned/gusseted heel is the easiest—Well, it is for me.

This flap has a small change... Instead of the standard, Slip 1 on each edge, I worked a 2 stitch garter band, with heel stitch for the bulk of the flap. When it came time to pick up stitches for the gussets, I picked up one stitch per ditch. Worked perfectly—this might become my new standard process for heel flaps. I found it easier and neater, and it works perfectly. Garter is snugger (row wise) and works perfectly with the heel stitch.--It looks nice too.  (see-->)

Not only did I get all this done—but I cast on for a third pair of secret socks... Toe up this time, since I am trying to alternate toe up and cuff down. These will be simple socks too, but a bit slower to knit, since I will be documenting all the little details along the way. I plan to try out Cat Borhdi's new sweet tomato heel on these socks. I want to see for myself how it works and how it fits.

(Some bad news—I found a copy of The Red Queen, Philippa Gregory so I will be a bit distracted by some reading!)

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zippiknits.....sometimes said...

The red looks very good in the heel, to my eye. I've seen a slipped stitch heel, I think, on Opalicious when I knit that one ..not sure. Maybe it's on Yukon Leaves, hmm?

I;m doing lots more reading than knitting, You are more balanced. And, don't worry, you will get that weight to move eventually.