Thursday, February 09, 2012

Leafy Sweater Vest—All Knit Up

Not done—because it still needs to be blocked, and it still needs hooks and eyes sewn on, but it now has small little cap sleeves.. (And I still have 2 full skeins of the grey left over—in a different dye lot—and 2 partial skeins in the original dye lot (and the 2 dye lots are very similar—even under my ott (type) light. SO, I could make separate sleeves (extra long wrist warmers) or a hat (I have a few grey hats, already...) or I could keep the grey and use it with other yarns/colors to do something else.(likely)

And also, finally done, is the last of adjustments/fixes to my computer. New speakers have been sitting around for almost a month(or is it more than a month?!) and now they are finally plugged in, and so is the  USB extension cord (from my monitor to the back of the computer) so now I have an easy to reach USB port—one at eye level vs. one that I have to crawl around on my hands and knees to use.  The ones on the front of the CPU are easier to access, but also below eye level. I don't often need an extra USB jack, but if I can have one where its handy--why not!

I have my meds, too. Tuesday's visit to the clinic was much more successful than Monday—shorter (in time), too. And I am 24 hours away from confirmation that I have lost yet another pound!--the scale at the clinic claims I have already lost it.. but... I am perfectly content with the medical record being out of sync with my record!

BUT I have misplaced my camera! That's partial why I got the computer stuff done—I was looking for the camera, and while I was doing that, I found a network cable I needed, and power supply and the extra long USB extension cord. So with everything at hand, I crawled under the desk to route all the wires (they aren't neatly bound up, but they are out of sight!)--the ones mentioned, and the new speaker wires, and a new mike, too.  So I got something done.

I last remember having the camera last week—I needed to take some photo's out side, and I put it into a tote bag along with some mail—The mail got mailed, and the tote bag? It's got to be someplace—But it's not any place I've looked so far!

The Black & White Cookie socks don't have a complete heel flap yet (4 more row) but now that the sweater vest is done, I'll work on the socks exclusively—for a few days—at least. (and then no doubt will start another project!)

Next week starts with yet another clinic appointment (scheduled blood work) and with a sale at Smiley's. Normally I try and resist going to a Smiley's sale—but I got a late Christmas present--(cash!) and I think a good percentage of it is going to turn into yarn.

So all is right with the world (or rather all will be right once I find my camera). I am knitting, and feeling good, and taking care of myself—I even got some sewing done.

Well, almost.. I got some cutting done—the actually sewing is still to come. Nothing fancy—just a throw pillow for a friend who is redecorating—and needs something special--though he doesn't know it.  

He might even get 2 throw pillows—if the mood strikes me. (He's just a friend—and wicked smart—but totally clueless about details like throw pillows!)


gayle said...

Wishing you good luck in the camera hunt. I made a brightly colored bag for mine, on the theory that it would make it easier to find. I've still got the camera, but have no idea what happened to the bag...

zippiknits.....sometimes said...

Read ahead and see you found it. yay!

My camera has only three places to be,and that's by design, so I don't lose it! So far so good. I'm glad the pocket one isn't mine. If it were, it would be harder to keep track of!