Saturday, February 25, 2012

More Progress

But not at quite the same rate. Till now, I was getting at least 2 stripes done (from yellow, past green to cherry, or the like)

Yesterday, reading cut into my knitting time, as I knew it would. The Red Queen –ie. Margaret Beaufort is the great grand-daughter of Katherine Swynford—John of Gaunt's third wife (and true love it is thought). Katherine's story (Katherine, by Anya Seton) is one of my favorite books. So many more historical details than Philippa Gregory's books (which I also like, and have read a good number of)--Margaret is mother to Henry the VII and the start of the Tudors/and the end to the war of the roses.

But I am liking these socks, and book or no book, I did work on them. Not quite 2 full stripes—but all of the gusset! (the left sock in the image has a cherry red stripe, but the striping is still offset a rounds, and the right sock doesn't have a stripe). It's a nice deep one deep gusset—I have somewhat high insteps. With the gusset done, the sole of the sock measures a full 3 inches. I find 9 inches is about the right length for a sock for me, so one third done. More than a third done, really—the last 2 inches are the toe (with the ever decreasing and quicker to knit rows!)--and before that, there will be 2 round stripes of the 3 contrasting solids. So from the 9 inches minus 3 (done) and minus another 2.5(toe), --the foot is half done!

A couple more days of getting two stripes knit—simple easy knitting with no thought of  "do I decrease this row?" (or did I decrease last row?) will go fast! 

I don't see them being finished till Monday or Tuesday, next--(or about day 8 of knitting, and day 28 of the month) –Which is cutting it close. But it's far better than January's socks that didn't get done till February was 2/3rd over!

On the agenda today, is blocking my leafy yoked vest. It's been complete-- except for the blocking-- for over 2 weeks—it's time. Besides, Nancy (of Sunday knitting at Panera's) is impatient to see it!

I haven't done anything but the cast on to the 3rd pair of secret socks. (Well a bit of documenting the process, but not the knitting.)

And my weight remains, (stubbornly!) the same. No back tracking, but no progress either!

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