Thursday, February 23, 2012

Proper Progress

and then some. I started the socks—and didn't even finish the edging Monday.
Tuesday saw the edging done, and the cuff. The first color stripe was hidden in the ribbing, but a few rounds into the stocking knit, a green stripe.

By last bed time last night, there was a red stripe, a yellow one, and another green one. A full color way repeat! 6 inches of the leg knit, and a full repeat of the color way—that's progress! When I got too tired to knit, I sat and did some finishing—now the top edging is all sewn up and the ends are all woven in.
There is a marker now to mark the beginning of the round.

Since there won't be any more stripes of contrasting yarn, the next bit of finishing will be weaving in the last tail after the toe. I love to pre-finish when I can. A few more rounds today, and it will be time to start the heel flap!

Even with a delay or two, these socks should be done before the month is out. Especially since there is the one extra day this year!

And that's not all. An altered (taken in) skirt got hemmed (it was too long as well as too wide) and a shopping bag got a make over—a mini rolling cart now has a new bag—the old was had shredded—Its really a nice super light little cart. Cart like this are just a normal part of city life--where shopping often involves walking several blocks, going from store to store, and carrying everything home. Now with a new bag, it's back to work.  The new bag is black and the cart has blue plastic handles--but I don't mind that they don't match.

I dragged it along as I went shopping yesterday. . First stop, the local hardware store for a bit of screening.
Then at the nearby green grocers, a head of cabbage (Love cabbage!) and bag of mung beans.

The screening will be a top for a quart mason jar—allowing a quick and easy way to rinse the mung beans—which I am soaking and will sprout. Bean sprouts are a $1.99 a pound, and while I like my green grocer—I am bit leery of buying the bean sprouts (and the tofu). Both of which are sold in pails/buckets of water with tongs (and self service). Who knows how clean anything is? Home sprouts are so easy to make, (and so much cheaper!) and I can be sure that the water is clean, and all the utensils too. $1.99 worth of mung beans will sprout into 30 or 40 dollars of bean sprouts--at $1.99 a pound!

I restocked coffee, too, at another store, in another direction, a picked up a bit of pork—if I have bean sprouts and cabbage, I need a little pork, too. There is some home made chinese style food in my future.
(My kitchen is well equipped with hoisin sauce, and black bean sauce, ginger, dried tree ear mushrooms and other basic/exotic ingredients) 

So I got some exercise in, too. It was a lovely day—It was sad that it got cold again as the sun went down. Still, all in all its been a mild winter. Every where things are sprouting—not just in my bean sprout jar. Tulips and daffodils are sending up shoots, and the buds are swelling on the trees.

Unfortunately, it seems like spring will be sprung before I get my terrace back.

There has been a set back—and while it was supposed to be resolved in a few day, its now almost a month with no visible progress. I want to head to the nursery, and get some mini geraniums, to get a start on summer planting (one nursery I know always has a great buy on early geraniums. The idea is YOU bring them home small (and cheap) and take care and let them grow into full 4 inch plants at home. Come April, the same plants at the nursery are bigger too, (and 4x the cost!). My new, clean and shiny, freshly painted terrace deserves a few nice planters to decorate it. But now I am wondering when I will be able to get out onto my new terrace. It has a new railing, but the glass inserts haven't been put in yet, so its not yet safe—and of course, the scaffolding is still there, along with the black mesh construction cloth—both of which obstruct the view and the light.

(and I am tired of having all the terrace furniture in the house, too!)

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