Friday, February 17, 2012

Some Progress

Monday, a doctors appointment and an outing.
Tuesday, laundry (touch up ironing and getting everything put away) and a long (2 mile) walk
Wednesday, putzing around not doing much of anything—got some yarn made into center pull balls, but that's about it.(Which yarn? The new fashion toe yarn, and the nectarine color way yarn)
Thursday, cleaned out an explosion in the microwave, polished up the tea kettle, and washed the kitchen waste can and did a whole bunch of other cleaning chores.

Does it seem like I want to do anything but work on my socks? Yeah. But last night, I took them up again--(good grief! It's the 17 of February and this are January socks!)

Now one sock (the back seam sewn one) has a completed gusset, and the other socks has almost a dozen rows of the gusset done. Today I should finish up the second sock gusset, get the two socks back together on 2 needles. And then, it's a race to the toe. The foot is a solid black—a bit dreary to knit, but the gussets are long, so a good part of the foot has been done, and once I finish the second socks gussets, it won't be long till they are (finally!) done.

I am itching to try out a new way to hand paint yarn—basically, using a Wilton Paste type food coloring and “breaking” the colors-- the two partial skeins of white left over from these socks are candidates for this—So I have second small incentive to finish up the gussets.

I actually plan to photograph and document my process/progress—by Monday at the latest, you should be able to see the results.

I still haven't blocked my leafy vest –and this winter is some what of a bust for warm woollies. Yesterday, it was near 50°--(circa 10°C) raining, but still very mild. Its supposed to get colder this weekend, but just to “normal”-40°/4.4°. Yes, cold weather persist till mid March, (when snow is not unknown, or even uncommon) but all in all, it's been a mild winter.

(I have plateaued and haven't lost any weight in days now. But, I haven't back slide, either—so its not all bad. I think I need to get more exercise. I keep saying that, but I haven't yet followed through!)

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