Thursday, February 02, 2012


No knitting to report on—This winter is going to be a record breaker—for hardly being a winter at all.

Yesterday it was breezy, but so warm (60°/16°)it was more like late April than the beginning of February! I was out and about, doing nothing special—and not knitting. No knitting when I got home either. My socks, untouched, my sweater vest collection dust.

That will change today—I've decided on a plan for the sleeves—and I'll get it finished today.

Meanwhile—in reference to the title—Look at this!
Isn't it just as lovely? I have no idea of what I will wear with the socks I eventually make from this yarn, but OH, they will be lovely! My weird colors—work! A base of light apricot, the spot of deep reddish purple, rosy crimson, sunny yellow orange—I love how nature mashes together the most wonderful colors!

I am a firm believer in there is nothing new—we just re-create that which already exists—over and over again. For sure, this is not a creative color way, it is an imitative one—But that doesn't make it any less beautiful. I'll ball it up an then divide it, and re-ball it, latter today. I don't have any empty sock kit bag for it go in—January's socks are still not done—but I think this yarn will be for summer socks (not socks to wear in the summer, but socks to knit in the summer)--I'll enjoy sweet juicy nectarines, as I knit my nectarines color way socks.   
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