Tuesday, February 28, 2012


 We have toes! All knit up, and grafted too. Not all finished, but not the last hour yet either!

Some of the ends have been worked in, but there are still a half dozen ends (per sock) to go. They aren't visible on the left,  (because I've neatly tucked them under the foot), but they are there,(--see, on the right--) all the same. I'll finish weaving them in today, Then go to work on my secret socks.

I finally got around to photographing and documenting the progress on the secret socks. (What progress?—Just the cast on!)--This pair of secret socks, like the first pair, are designed for first or second time sock knitters—with lots of little details to make getting started easier.

I also have 2 swatches to knit up --and likely another post today, or maybe 2 tomorrow as a leap year bonus—The swatches are for Jessica—a newish knitter.

I am still reading The Red Queen—the first half of the book is sort of a prequel to Richard the III—one of my favorite pieces of Shakespeare, the second half starts with Act 1 —from a different perspective—and I suspect will end close to act 5. Already, in the book, the 2 princes have been killed. But there are still many pages to go!

Finally—I took in a comfy jumper--(and shortened it too) It's still loose and easy to wear—but it's now 6 inches narrower than it was! Gone from size 3X to plain old large. I know I am getting smaller; and how I carry the weight has shift, but the scale still keeps steady as a rock. No weight lost now, for what 3 weeks? Or is it an eternity? Well, at least I am able to keep off what I have lost. But that is not enough!


grandmastatus said...

Yay!! I've been watching your progress and am so happy they are finished. They look even more awesome than I imagine ^_^

Milissa said...

May I suggest reading The Daughter of Time by Josephine Tey after you finish your book? It will give you a different take on Richard III, as well as being a wonderful detective story.

Pounds are numbers, but so are inches, and if you are seeing improvement in the inches and sizes, they are really more important than numbers on a scale. Good luck!