Monday, February 27, 2012

Wonderful Weekend

It was cold, and it was windy, but it was wonderful all the same.

Saw friends, went shopping (social event more that buying thing) cooked (ate!), busy all the time.
Knitting? Oh yeah, knitting. Well I did get some 4 or 5 rounds knit. But who cares. I still have 3 days!

I didn't get the the leafy sweater vest blocked either. But, I will, I will.

This morning brought a wonderful sound—dull banging and bumping—The work stoppage is over, and once again progress is being made on the terraces. I still don't have glass panels, (and some levels don't have vertical dividers making the space into 2 terraces), but something is being done. Before the break, the schedule had them finishing up my line by the end of January. So some time in the next few weeks, I should once again have open space—more than a month late, but finally!

My next shopping trip will be to buy some plants, and some seeds, and get started with planters. I try to have one planter at the kitchen window, with chives and basil and other herbs (so handy!) The terrace planters are pretty stuff. Always geraniums, usually nasturtium, and what ever else catches my fancy (or is cheap, or germinates and survives!)

I have some hanging planters (they hang from the divider, and one (a small one) hangs on the railing (the inside side of the railing, so if they fall, they fall onto the terrace, and not below!)and I have some half round planters that hang on the wall, too. Plus a baker rack for more plants--3 resin chairs and 2 small end tables and that is the terrace—FULL.

Well, there is also a clock and thermometer, and a small set of wind chimes too. But again, these are wall mounted (and don't take up floor space). There are always some outside lights, too (but these too are hanging, and not table lamps) The lights are really mood/atmospheres lights rather than useful. The terrace has a step (a very high threshold) and it's just enough light to see the step. The bakers rack usually hold a candle or two as well (you'd think being 14 stories up would be enough, but no, bugs find their way, and citronella candles are still needed. ) During the day, I like to sit outside to read, or have a cup of coffee, but in the evening, I just enjoy the view.

Like last night—did you see the moon- flanked by Jupiter and Venus?--Forget the red carpet, the real show is in the sky!  Mercury had already set by the time I was looking--and I didn't even look for Mars.   Beside, I don't have nearly as good a view east as I do west.

Speaking of germinating, tonight will be Chinese (style) food—with fresh grown bean sprouts—Nothing really special, just shredded cabbage, (a lot) bean sprouts (a bunch), a thin sliced onion, a small carrot shredded, too, and 1/4th of a red pepper slivered (the carrot and pepper are there as color, more than as flavor) a bit of ginger, and minced garlic too.

First, a bit (2oz) of slivered pork will be stir fried, and put aside. Then all the vegetable go in the pan, (onions and seasoning first, then cabbage, carrots and pepper, last, the sprouts)and get stir fried, too. Finally I add a “gravy” of soy, broth, vinegar, and (spicy) black bean sauce, along with the pork, to the HOT pan—The liquids steam and further wilt the cabbage, and 3 minutes later, the gravy is reduced by half, and everything is cooked. The prep time is about 20 minutes (I shred my cabbage, but it does go faster if you buy shredded cabbage(cole slaw mix))--and the cooking time about 10.

I sometime serve with noodles-(thin/lo mein)and sometimes just eat it with out any starch. It's simple and flavorsome. The gravy varies, too. Some times, sweet hoisin sauce goes in, sometimes chili oil goes in, (for more heat) sometimes it's just a bit of soy sauce, broth and vinegar-with a little sugar or honey—for a simple sauce. I've subbed chicken for the pork, too, and ground pork for the slivered. I suppose if you like it, you could sub tofu for meat.

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zippiknits.....sometimes said...

What a lovely day! And you are getting your terrace garden back up, too. Yay! Happy (almost) Spring!

Your dinner is one of my favorites to prepare, too. DH cooks - and it's a good thing he does - but not the things I used to do.

We didn't get to see the moon last night, due to an overcast sky, and today a new storm is going to be raining on the Moon/Planet parade. :-(