Thursday, March 15, 2012

Beware the Ides of March

Sound advice, if your name is Caesar-- But it doesn't much matter to me!

Look—inches more added to the yellow scarf. The stitch count per row is shrinking and shrinking—enough so I notice how much faster I can knit a row now. I have a thing to do this afternoon—it will afford me lots of knitting time. By tomorrow another noticeable chunk of the scarf should be done.

The secret socks (pair 3) has been less cooperative. No matter how many rounds I knit, they refuse to move beyond 5 inches of leg. I need at least 6 inches before I start the cuff. Obviously, it will take an eternity of knitting to reach 6 inches.

And while I haven't planted any seeds—Yet--I made a neat pile of sock yarns.   A bunch of 100 g skeins have all divided and caked up—none of it for immediate use—just made ready for when ever.

I prefer to work with 2 50 skeins of yarn—but they do have the disadvantage of not always being set up to have matching stripes.. and sometimes, its takes yards and yards to find matching stripe patterns.

The advantage of dividing a 100g ball, is: it's easy to make sure each little cake of yarn starts at the same place. This means, sometimes, that one cake weighs 47g, and another 52 g—but since I rarely uses all the yarn anyway—a gram or two, here or there doesn't make any difference.
I still have MORE 100 gram skeins in my stash—so dividing up skeins is not done—but clearly—I have made some progress!  The second skein of the Lion Brand Sock Ease in Lemon Drop yellow, for 1, and the skein of the blue (that I call Prussian, and they call sno-cone)for another.  

I also took another 100g skein of white sock yarn and made it into a hank--I haven't decided what color it will be.. maybe some soft pastel shaded of blue and taupe and grey  (some of my fabric is stripes of these colors) or maybe something bright and intense--a hot pink or an electric blue--I don't have any clothes in these colors, but....I also don't have any socks in these colors either!

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