Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Count Down--

Still has a way to go-- 40 more posts before I hit the magic number (100,000) –I've done a calendar count—and 5 post a week isn't going to work out.. but 6 posts a week—is slightly too many.

So some days, 1 post, and once in a while 2 post with in a day, Or 1 post on week days, and every other week or so, a bonus post on the weekend.

I'll announce the details of my blog contest some time in mid April—About 2 weeks (and 10 posts) before the big day. The winners (and I am the real winner in any blog contest!) will be announce in May -on the same day as the 100,000 post. 

Progress is being made on the yellow scarf—Last night (by bed time) the skein of yarn weighed 60 grams—and the length was 16 inches—10 more grams of work, then the medallion. After that, I'll start the decreases for second half. As part of the finishing, two tassels will be made and added to the front points. Not a lot over the basic 100 gms—but a little bit of a bonus.

Since then, a few more rows got added today as I waited for my appointment (and on the subway, too and fro) I reached the half way point... and now it get easier—every row is shorter! (photo tomorrow)

Secret sock caught a few rounds, too. 

My appointment went well—I got there at 8:00AM for an 8:20 appointment—I was leaving by 9:30—Not bad. Unfortunately—I got to the subway, paid my fare and found the system shut down—In both directions. I spoke with an MTA employee—the expected Queens bound traffic to open up soon—and less than 15 minutes later, we were on our way. Manhattan bound passengers had a longer delay, and re-routing, with some lines and stations closed.   

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